Day 489

Memorial to a Marriage

May 2nd, 2013

This sculpture by Patricia Cronin, depicting her and her wife, Deborah Kass, embracing in bed, will one day mark the couple's graves here at Woodlawn. When the original marble version of this work was installed in 2002, same-sex marriage was not legal anywhere in the United States. But less than nine years later, on a July day in 2011, Ms. Cronin and Ms. Kass found themselves tying the knot at the Marriage Bureau in Manhattan. "Making this was a little prophetic", said Ms. Cronin, referring to the memorial. "I never thought the law would change this quickly." (She replaced the marble monument with this bronze version a couple of months after the nuptials.)

You can see more photos of the sculpture here, and read an interview with the artist here.

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  1. gordon satteson says:

    Beautiful art & a beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes. I love America!

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