Day 499

Apex Airtronics

May 12th, 2013

There's a great Street View shot of this building from the Atlantic Avenue viaduct (the stone-clad structure at right); here's a close-up of the front doors.


  1. Bill Wetzel says:


    Fifty years ago I visited this place a couple of times. The owner, Bill Rosenblum, was a friend of a friend of mine. My friend would sometimes buy surplus military equipment for Bill. I went up a couple of times to drop it off. I have a mental image of the inside of the place – many barrels of parts for antennas Bill was building on government contracts. I just came across a couple of those antennas in my electronics collection that Bill had given me. That prompted me to search for Apex Airtronics and to my great surprise the company still exists and is still owned by a Bill Rosenblum. Given that my friend would have been almost 100 and Bill was likely his age or older I can’t believe that the current owner is the Bill I knew but perhaps it is a child. I’m trying to contact by phone but no answer. A longer story that I want to go into here but through a chain of events Bill gave me a crypto box that I still have today.

    • Narinder Saini says:

      Dear Sir
      Can you give me the E-mail address of
      Address: 2465 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207, United States
      Phone:+1 718-485-8560

      Is this firm is Still working.

  2. Keren says:

    Bill, I’m a relative of Bill Rosenblum and would love to connect with you! Please let me know how to reach you.

    • David says:

      Hi Keren, I am the business owner who is currently occupying Bill’s old space on Atlantic Ave. We are receiving a lot his mail and I’d love to forward to him (or one of his relatives). Can we connect about this?

  3. Henri Nevens says:

    Hello Keren,

    My name is Henri and I knew Bill very well and he was a very good supplier ( friend) of me and my family. I saw him several times at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (Holland) and he even visited me at home in Belgium. Even at 84 years he still was very active. Since the year 2005 I didn’t hear anything from him but I know that Howard has taken over his business (owner ?) at Apex.

  4. My name is Floris van Os from the Netherlands
    Bill Rosenblum was my good friend and visited our company almost every 3 months for a long time
    When I started to import from the USA there was only telex and phone to communicate
    In that time he supported me to find the suppliers there
    He visited our office the last time when he was 90 years old
    He died when he was 99 years old
    My aunt was born on the same day as Bill and became 98, I think it was a good dat to be born
    I have lots of story’s from this special man

    • Alan says:

      Do you know the people who have taken over these activities?
      Can you send us their contact information?
      Thank you

  5. Manfred Klaßen says:

    Hi Folks

    Bill Rosenblum visited me in Munich over years several times. We were not
    in the same business. I owend a jewelry store in Leopoldstrasse. What a funny and interesting jewish gentleman he was! And that strange for a young German! Anyway I was always lucky meeting öBill, btw he was my absolutely best client……. Once he showed me his Heartbeat on the right side in his torax. Great he became 99 years old with that heart insuffizienz.
    He told me a lot from his travels and evenso about his family and living in Brooklyn NY
    Thinking of him gets a Smile in my face!!!
    Manfred of Munich

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