Day 501

9/11 memorial #148

May 14th, 2013

A plaque on the wall reads:

Welcome to the Hunts Point Living Memorial Trail!

This memorial was created by Greening for Breathing, a local association dedicated to improving air quality, health, and well-being in Hunts Point through tree planting, tree care, and community building.

The Trail is part of the Living Memorials Project, which uses the resonating power of trees to bring people together and to create memorials to the victims of September 11, their families, communities, and the nation.

This Trail was designed and is maintained by community members that have an ongoing commitment to the preservation of this special place. This group first came together in the fall of 2004 to pay tribute to the past, present, and future heroes of the neighborhood. The tree species were chosen so that there is something beautiful to observe during all four seasons, the tree guards curve in order to evoke the feeling of a path, and the qualities by each tree describe a true Hunts Point hero.

The trees help fight air pollution and asthma, and form a connection to the park and the South Bronx Greenway, enabling more community members to visit and enjoy the healing power that trees and open green space provides. Please do your part to keep the trees healthy and beautiful by keeping dogs and garbage away.

Enjoy the beauty of the trees, learn more about them, and think about the heroes in your life and the ways that you, too, are a hero. Come alone or with friends and family. Talk about how you can support your community. Walk or bicycle. Relieve stress. Explore. Be inspired!

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