Day 986

The old Rockaway Beach Branch

September 11th, 2014

This elevated structure is part of the old Long Island Rail Road Rockaway Beach Branch, which has been out of use since 1962. There are currently two prominent, conflicting visions for the line's future: some people want to restore rail service on it, while others want to turn it into a 3.5-mile linear park, a "High Line on steroids".


  1. Gregg Levine says:

    Matt, do you recall where that photo was taken? For example I think I can find it on Google Maps, which as it happens was used by the City to steer me from here, Astoria, to Forest Park where one of your photos was taken.

  2. Ben Emanuele says:

    You are virtually at the site of the former Ozone Park station of the LIRR. It indeed was closed on June 10, 1962 — by that date only one commuter train operated to Ozone Park in each direction. Ozone Park had been a major transfer station where Rockaway Park and Far Rockaway passengers chose to continue their rides to either downtown Brooklyn or Penn Station in Manhattan.

  3. Gregg Levine says:

    Exactly. I showed that one to the people who led a big walk through Forest Hills and down towards Forest Park to walk on the rails in the park, as part of the QueensWay.

    Basically it was indeed confirmed by them. And rampant discussion surfaced as to what did happen. It does agree with you Ben.

    This was on 11/17/2018.

    The lead chap is planning a big walk soonest probably before the the Spring ones, I hope he invites people, because I want to see for myself what it looks like past the stopping point we chose.

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