Day 1040

Mokichi Okada Utopia Project

November 4th, 2014

Mokichi Okada was the founder of Tenseishinbikai and the developer of Johrei, which the Tenseishinbikai website describes as "the rational and advanced science of the future. Johrei is the method of radiating rays of spiritual light, the light of the fire element, towards the clouds in the spiritual body which are the very cause of disease and other sufferings. . . . Johrei is the sole method for saving people from the great purification action that will engulf the world."


  1. harry says:


    I am one of the people you did the treatment on at Union Square. We spoke over the phone about my coming to your center today.
    I have a scheduling conflict and can’t come today.

    Please provide your telephone number again. I will call you.Thanks.


    • Koji says:

      Harry, I just happened to see your note and I’m sorry we didn’t reply til now. If you see this my note please contact me. I remember the name Harry and I am the one performed Johrei for you. 646-750-7107.

  2. Ramesh Kumar Dangol says:

    Phone no-9860081611

  3. Hard says:

    don’t let yourself be fooled, take care of yourself and stay away from these guys

  4. Kaori says:

    Their influence is dangerous. I know one person who thought of committing suicide after leaving them.

  5. Bobi says:

    this cult can cooperate with all sorts of fagots from various government agencies such as FBI and receive permission for gang stalking. also this cult can finance the gang stalking, the impact of various types of non-lethal weapons – sound, electromagnetic.
    This cult also uses hidden NLP. Hypnosis, suggestion, trance as well as prohibited psychotropic substances that manipulate your mind. And they do all this with the approval of the state, the FBI, the police.

  6. Black Woter says:

    this cult threatened me that they had deprived me of health after I exposed their lies.

  7. bob says:

    why spending so much money in nothing or bring up the new religion instead going through the same holy hindu religion with yogic practice and spiritual practise it is a same copy.

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