Day 1040

Tenseishinbikai USA

November 4th, 2014

Incongruously sited amid the enormous old homes of South Midwood in Victorian Flatbush, this is the first Tenseishinbikai temple built in the United States. Tenseishinbikai is a Japanese "super-religion" whose teachings "specify precise and detailed means, methods, plans and designs to actualize Paradise on Earth. These teachings transcend and encompass all other religions . . . and are worthy of belief by the whole of humanity." You can read much more about Tenseishinbikai on its website — actually, you don't have to read at all, because after starting out with a performance of the "Organization Song", the site will speak aloud to you the full text of each page before automatically advancing to the next one.


  1. Stephen Stanton says:

    I am initiated in Johrei, through two representatives that visited my beloved friend Hiroshi Howard Kaneko (R.I.P.) in the town of TAPALPA, near Guadalajara, Mexico, almost 20 years ago. I am now living in the USA and I am contacting TENSEISHINBIKAI in recognition of oneness and looking to expand my healing activities towards others. My personal pendant-text was old and I lost it in my recent move from Mexico to the US. I hope some record of my initiation remains, probably in Japan.
    I am committedf to “TRENKEI JUNPO JOHREI NO SHIMEI KAKURITSU”. I had practiced healing with spiritual energy before learning Johrei, so it was natural for me. I feel I can not and will not do Johrei without being authorised. Such is my seeking now.

    Stephen Stanton

  2. Stupid world says:

    This is all a lie and manipulation. Sects are flying people and earn on this money.

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