Day 1055

Bada Story

November 19th, 2014

From an NY Times article about Korean Restaurants in Queens:

A Bada Story feast (bring a crowd) might start with some excellent fried fingers of fish and a first-rate seafood pancake, then move on to a tableau of marine life not seen on the sashimi special at your corner sushi bar: chewy sea squirts with their wrinkled orange skin; strips of sea cucumber that unfurl like streamers from your chopsticks but tense up again when you bite down; sea worms that look like veins and taste like not very much but have chewiness to spare. Then, in a swirl of mist, arrives a whole imported Korean fluke that a few minutes ago was lounging at the bottom of a pool by the kitchen. The slices, draped over frosty ceramic cups to keep them firm, are arranged as they were on the skeleton, with the lightly crunchy hard-working muscles around the fins showcased at the edge of the platter.
Photos here.

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