Day 1346

9/11 memorial #259

September 6th, 2015


  1. Kathy Brody says:

    11/19/18 I was tickled to get an email today about your continued movement. Keep up the pace and let us know you’re ok.

  2. Ann Guido says:

    I just saw “The World At Your Feet” and I wanted to tell you how much I loved it. Although I live in Tucson AZ, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so your walks and anecdotes really made my heart sing! Take care. Ann

  3. Ann Guido says:

    Excuse me! I should have said, “The World Before Your Feet.”


  4. Iris Prager says:

    Fabulous film Matt! I’m an exiled Brooklyn girl and loved it all! Keep on keeping on!

  5. David Barry says:

    Saw your film last night at the Calgary International Film Festival and it was amazing! I had read Helmreich’s book a number of years ago so it was great to see you bringing it to life. A big “Eh!” from all your Canadian friends!


  6. Kathleen In Oregon says:

    Took my daughter and grand-daughter to see your documentary last
    Nite. Got last 3 seats in 16-seat theatre. Front row!
    Very interesting. Thanks for your trek and effort. Almost to
    Tears seeing 9-11 memorials, esp eternal flame one.

  7. Kay in Bend OR says:

    I saw your film last eve at our quaint indie film venue: Tin Pan Alley. My husband asked me what I liked best and I said the history and trivia info, and talking w/people. Thanks for sharing your experience via film and blog.

  8. Barbara in Bend, OR says:

    Saw your film tonight with a girlfriend….we truly loved it! Loved the photos, the history, the people…all of it. You have inspired me to walk and explore my town more and I thank you for that!

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