Day 1351

Ladies on plywood

September 11th, 2015

These ladies make a couple of brief appearances in this video about the artist, Alan Aine.

The faces have been refreshed since I walked by back in 2015. Check out the before and after images.


  1. Jeff Baker says:

    Wonderful, Matt! We just finished watching the documentary and are mailing it off to a buddy of ours who grew up in NYC and is in California, now! Enjoyed your adventures immensely!
    Jeff & Darryl,
    Wichita, Kansas

  2. Leza says:

    Artist @alanaine paints these. Sadly most of those boards have been torn down now/pasted over, they were there for ages. He’s painted a few directly on to the pavement in a couple of Brooklyn locations.
    Watched your doc today…it’s fantastic! And so well edited. My husband and I are English living in Brooklyn…we walk miles of the 5 boroughs too…it’s never boring! So much to see and so much life. I’m on Instagram for people I meet along my walks @peopleimettodayny

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