Day 9

The friendliest gas station in America

April 4th, 2010

I stopped at this gas station today to buy a soda and rest for a little while. I was sitting outside when a guy came up to me and said he was from Far Rockaway. We talked about New York for a little, and then another guy walked over and, out of the blue, gave me a bag with some food and Gatorade in it. Then a woman, Cynthia, came over and gave me a handful of money. She came back a few minutes later to get my name so that the guy who hosts a television show at the children's group home where she works could tell the viewers about me and ask them to look out for me and treat me well if they see me on the road. Then I met another couple, Jenna and Todd, who were really excited about my trip and wanted to get my photo. Todd proclaimed my walk officially "gangsta". I was hesitant to leave this magical place, but I had to hit the road eventually.


  1. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been telling everyone about my gangsta brother ever since the day you made me smell a cup of pee at the doctor’s office.

    Tres gangsta.

  2. Nicholas M. says:

    Started following this blog through RSS after Zach G. sent me a link. As a native of Allentown, Pa., I can tell you people are friendly around these parts, especially in small towns. Hope you are having a satisfying and safe trip so far.

    And if you need any “remote support” from here in Somerville, don’t hesitate to let Zach and me know. Nick M.

  3. kevin says:

    Hello, im the guy with the gatorade… i will be checkin in on this site from time to time.. good luck brother..
    kevin good

  4. Post says:

    Damn, That gas station looks anything but magical- I suppose that it goes to show that the people in a place, not the architecture, create magic.

  5. Tood & Jenna says:

    Hey Matt, whenever you want to come back through the area let us know, we have a spot for you to sleep and plenty to eat enjoy your trip and make it back safe. YOU ROCK.

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