Day 19

Pennsylvania loves its burgers

April 14th, 2010

As I was taking this photo, a local fella came up to me and started telling me that one time they made a 100-lb burger and a woman ate it all by herself. "How long did that take?" I asked skeptically. "A couple hours" was his reply.

After I told him about my walk across the US, he paused for a moment in thought, then spoke again. "You ain't gonna catch me doin' that", he said, and then walked off, presumably thinking about cheeseburgers.


  1. Carolyn says:

    fascinating that a man with obvious pride in a woman who ate a ridiculous amount just because she could, wouldn’t be enthused about a man walking across america just because he can! Ahh, the human race…

  2. Thomas says:

    Of course, he did, in fact, walk off. Ironic twist at the end.

  3. Steve (Jon Keller's Roommate) says:

    My entire family is from Clearfield! Both my Mom and Dad grew up there, and my cousins live a few blocks from Dennys! I go there every year in August for reunions….I hope you were able to find friendly people :)

    • Matt Green says:

      I stopped at JG Food Warehouse down by the river and everyone there was really nice. The manager, Al (I think), let me hang out in the back room and charge up my phone.

      • Steve (Jon Keller's Roommate) says:

        I used to go shopping at JG’s with my late grandparents. I still hold memories of that.

        If you are still in Clearfield, you might be able to stay with my Uncle for the night. Give me a call – 607-206-2690

      • Dave says:

        That solar charger GUARANTEED to me that it wouldn’t let you down and then I read THIS?!

        • Matt Green says:

          It’s come in quite handy, but my phone is a real battery hog. I should have had you design me a whole array for the top of the green plastic container.

          • Dave says:

            Dang yo. I’ve got one on the way, and a 400ft diameter wind turbine too. Don’t worry, it’s tub-mountable.

  4. Aaron Suggs says:

    That’s awesome. But I’m going to point out the obvious: It’s impossible to eat 100 pounds of anything in a few hours.

  5. Tim Howard says:

    Matt, Great site, You are on your way to where I was born in Brookville PA and where I’m from in Cleveland.

    Looks like you are having fun. You are probably going to be near Cooks Forest pretty soon. Sate College is pretty area. Lot of hills.

    I hear you are hooking up with your Dad in Cleveland or nearby.


  6. Maria Aleman says:

    OMG~ I am loving living vicariously through you~ I love that you simply made a decision wo walk across this country of ours and see it slow and right and natural. That you encounter such wonderful people ~ see I always say this is a beautiful world ~ I just love following you blog… mmmmmmmmm

  7. George Wahlgren says:

    These guys have a running competition with a place in Clinton ,NJ. The Clinton Station Diner. As you can tell things got a little out of hand.

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