Day 20

The Cookie Lady

April 15th, 2010

Last night as I was setting up my tent, Jackie O. came down to bring me a couple of delicious raisin-filled cookies. "Around these parts they call me the Cookie Lady." You can see she was subtly encouraging me on my journey with her hat selection.


  1. Steve says:

    You’ll find she has sisters across the rest of your path I expect.

  2. Elizabeth in Sac says:

    wow! my doppleganger!!

  3. Maria Aleman says:

    OMG~ She has the ahppiest looking eye ~ they look very joyfull and sweet ~ Bet she has endured quite a bit in her life and keeps having joy ~ its def in her eyes

  4. Jonathan says:

    Elizabeth, you have never once found me and brought me an unexpected cookie.

    I’m very disappointed.

  5. Elizabeth in Sac says:

    Jonathan, How could I have been so remiss?? Email me your snail mail address!!

  6. Yeosaph Ferguson says:

    Raisin-filled cookies! Yep, you were definitely in Pa.

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