Day 26

Score one for Ohio!

April 21st, 2010

My first night in the Buckeye State was a great one. As I was setting up in the back yard, Darlene made me dinner and brought it out to me. She also did my laundry and let me take a shower. Chad and Brandon (pictured) thought my trip was "awesome!" (Their sister Ashley was a lovely young lady, but wasn't around when I snapped the photo.) And this morning when I was heading out, Darlene made a donation to my walk, which I playfully like to call the Get-As-Far-Away-From-Here-As-Possible Fund.


  1. Roman says:

    oh man, what a super sweet shirt – that kid (well, we don’t know which one is Chad or Brandon) is so cool in my book

    side note: who else has terrible geography skills and didn’t realize Ohio was one state away from NY?

  2. Darlene Hannah says:

    It was not a get out of here donation!!!!!It was our pleasure having you Matt!!! Best wishes on your adventure…Hope you find what you are searching for!!!Yes my kids are VERY cool!!!!

  3. bryan says:

    wow i was txtin ashley when you were there and she was really freaked out

  4. ashley says:

    hi JUSTIN!!! and well i didnt kno him haha!! and thanks!! :) haha

  5. Elizabeth in Sac says:

    Reminds me of Matt and Jonathan a few years back. May Darlene and family enjoy as many good times together as the Greens (and continue to share them with the rest of us). Good people all.

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