Day 26

There are a lot of political signs in Ohio

April 21st, 2010

My favorite trio of names so far: Moadus-Fuda-Flask. It just rolls right off the tongue!


  1. Robert S says:

    Personally, I’ll be voting for ’10 cents off’.

  2. Tim Howard says:

    Sadly, anyone with a law degre, one client and six years as a lawyer can run for judge in Ohio. Some of those guys on the bench are scary. I know. I used to vote the Irish ticket.


  3. Nancy & Dennis says:

    yeah matt the signs look like that here in PA they can only post the signs 30 days before the primary election or they can get in trouble with the election bureau election day is May 18

  4. Chris says:

    Good News. I live in Ohio and the election signs must also be removed 30 Days After an Election as well. I’m proud to say that Northeast, OH is now “SIGN-FREE.” Ummm…. Least till Nov. Elections. ;)

  5. Chris says:


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