Day 34

These signs are everywhere

April 29th, 2010

This is a pretty standard library icon. Isn't it a little strange?


  1. Jason Eppink says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely weird. The “L” shape is a little forced; it makes the reader look a little hunchbacked. One gets the sense the American Library Association wasn’t thrilled about the symbol either:

    “So much time and energy has already gone into the library symbol … if we’re going to get the symbol launched and accepted, we have to make it look as good as possible.”

    After the ALA adopted the symbol in 1982, the Federal Highway Administration adopted it for roadway signage in 1985.


  2. Jonathan says:

    I will never vote for Library. Not after last time.

  3. TOM F. says:

    Looks like someone doing yoga holding book with feet.

  4. Yes, that’s a stange pic.

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