Day 37

I don’t know what this is

May 2nd, 2010

But I like the sign.


  1. Uncle Alan says:

    The trail is obviously in memory of Mr. Council.

  2. Emily Aronson says:

    According to an article in the Bryan Times from 1997, the Memorial Trail “was created to bring hikers and bikers into proximity with the Tiffin River and help build an appreciation of rural beauty.”

  3. Peggy Mason says:

    The bike on the sign was called a penny farthing. The larger front wheel represents the percentage one farthing coin was to the penny.

  4. D. N. Stoddart says:

    Interesting sign. It looks like something you’d find in London instead of Ohio.

  5. Tim D says:

    yep definitely a penny farthing…my neighbor has one and rides it on the bike trails in full old timer costume..(bit spooky) greetings from Warragul, Australia

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