Day 46

It’s been a while

May 11th, 2010

The first mural I've seen since Bowling Green, OH


  1. Josh says:

    Are you 106 miles to chciago? Do you have half a pack of cigarettes? Is it dark? Are you wearing sunglasses? If yes to the above, HIT IT!

  2. Don says:

    I assume you are in Cal City

  3. TOM F. says:

    Elwood! Jake!

  4. Lorilyn Bretz-Mohr says:

    This is the East Side of Chicago, near Calumet Park and the famous 95th street bridge, you know, the bridge the Blues Brothers jumped. You’ve got to pick up some fried fish from the market on 95th street and the Calumet River. Great stuff! Get some carry-out and head to Calumet Park and enjoy that beautiful Lake Michigan!

  5. Bob Currie says:

    Elwood Blues and Joliet Jake… The company I work for in Idaho has a sattelite plant in Elwood, we always stay at the Hampton Inn in Joliet when we travel back there to work. I love the Chicago area, except for the summers and winters.

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