Day 46

These geese are book smart

May 11th, 2010

But not street smart


  1. Barbara Kiviat says:

    Oh, come on, give ’em a break. They’re just walkin’.

  2. Becky says:

    At least they’re looking both ways! Did they make it, did they???

  3. Janice Kiviat says:

    Canada Geese are very street smart! They send out a crossing guard, who looks both ways and then stands in the middle watching and hopefully stopping traffic, until all are across.

  4. Karen Too says:

    The two adult geese have both directions covered, so that’s something. Too bad there are so many little ones to ferry across the road, as their little feet make it slow waddlin’.

  5. Naj says:

    AWWWW i love when geese have the little one!
    I can imagine them crossing the road!!
    “look both ways now”

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