Day 55

Awesome mailbox #20

May 21st, 2010

This is getting out of hand.


  1. Doug Gray says:

    I’m somewhat disappointed, Matt. I would have thought your comment under the photo to be “Enormousest”.

  2. Jack says:

    Is there a buried utility line that kept the mailboxes from being “planted” closer to the road?

  3. Matthew M. says:

    I was expecting “Trinormous”.

  4. Karen Too says:

    Love the wordplay.

    Based on the placement of the trees in all three pictures, and the slope visible in the first one, I think Jack might be on to something. Could be due to a culvert pipe, too.

  5. Alan S says:

    I think they do that so the mailboxes/posts don’t get knocked over in the wintertime when the snowplow clears the roads.

  6. Another good use of old utilities poles cut in half just like the last photo of mailboxes. Those poles are planted so far in the ground they won’t get knocked over. Recycling? Reusing?

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