Day 57

The Dane County Farmers’ Market

May 22nd, 2010

Capitol Square, Madison


  1. Jason Eppink says:

    I assume you visited the capitol building and toured their facilities?

  2. Rob says:

    Stupid capitol building being closed on Sundays way back then. Jerks.

  3. mccall says:

    aw, thanks for posting this picture. i grew up in wisconsin, went to school in madison, and loved the capital square and farmers market, which i pine for now living in colorado. other worthwhile tours to go on if you are ever traveling to madtown again..numerous brewery tours (lakeside in milwaukee is the best) overture center for the arts down the lakeshore path on lake monona, amongst many other great things madison has to provide. thanks again for a piece of the past.

  4. Kathy Y says:

    Awesome. I live about 10 miles northeast of Madison, in Sun Prairie, for only about 36 years now. I have not once been to the Farmers’ Market!! Sad, but true.

    Good luck with your walk Matt. Thanks for posting all of these wonderful pictures for the rest of us to enjoy! You are truly inspirational whether you mean to be or not. It is a reminder that there is true beauty all around us and we need to stop every once in a while and look around us and appreciate it. We all get caught up in our busy lives. Life is too short!!! Best wishes and thank you!!!

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