Day 58

What a bizarre sign

May 23rd, 2010


  1. Dixon Harper says:

    When I lived in Wisconsin Lone Rock, WI frequently reported the coldest temperatures in winter. Of course, that was before Alaska became the 49th state.

  2. John M. says:

    Hey, we STILL do report some of the coldest temps around! OTOH, there are times when the warmer air is “trapped” in our little world and it’s actually warmer than the surrounding area. And YES, we DO have the warmest heart…That is, if you don’t blink and miss the town entirely! ☺

  3. Brenda Senne says:

    I always wondered what the coldest part of the US was. I happen to live in the coldest town in Montana–or so says the 25 ft. penguin at the edge of town. Any 25 ft. polar bear statues there? I hope your day is great. Can’t wait until you foot it through Montana.

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