Day 63

I turned 30 yesterday

May 28th, 2010

Eileen and Brian gave me this card (which Eileen made!) at breakfast yesterday.

As it turns out, my mom had emailed the La Crosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau to tell them I'd be in the area on my birthday, which is how Eileen found out about me. I also got a couple of nice offers for free food and beer from the owners of local businesses (Rudy's Drive-in and the Pearl Street Brewery). And a few people just stopped me in the street to wish me a happy birthday.

I also received almost 2000 emails yesterday, many very heartfelt and personal, after Martha's AP story started running in various news outlets. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! It will take me a long, long time to read through all the emails, but I will read each one even if I can't reply to them all.

What a birthday!


  1. Krystal :0) says:

    Happy late birthday!

  2. Dad of Ben and Ian says:

    So who won the bet on how long it would take this site to go viral?

  3. Loretta says:

    Happy Birthday, Matt! I so admire what you’re doing. I wish I could find the courage and determination to do the same. What an adventure! Wishing you all the best.

  4. lubos says:

    Happy birthday and good luck to you! Maybe once you get to west coast, you can continue up north and to Russia and catch up to Bushby (from the Goliath expedition). I think he has been averaging less than 10 miles a day so it’s quite feasible, given few more years… :)

    Also, I am sure you already have too many things on your plate, but one neat “activity” (obsession?) that quite a few people in the USA do is highpointing, attempting to summit the highest peak in every state. Unfortunately, the only “easy” one you could still hit on your way is North Dakota. Mount Hood is Oregon’s highest peak and you will pass very near it. That one requires mountaineering equipment, but it’s not very technically challenging. I highly recommend you stop in Sandy, OR for a burger from Calamity Jane’s. They are dinner plate sized!

    Here is the list of my highpoints:

    Keep going, this great!

  5. wendy jane in sc says:

    happy birthday and many good wishes for a safe and fulfilling journey!

  6. GTS says:

    Hope you get this in time
    If you want to see a really neat sight, around Lacrosse there’s a place called the “onalaska spillway”. 4 or 5 huge culverts under a walkway that pass so much river water through them that it sounds like a huge waterfall!

  7. Thomas says:

    belated Happy Birthday.

  8. Gina says:

    Happy Birthday! Much gratitude for the trail of inspiration and good feelings you are leaving in your wake.

  9. Tina says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! :o)

  10. Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday! Wow, turning 30 during your walkabout, poignant.

    I am sure your nearly 2,000 emails has a little to do with the fact that you were front page Yahoo! news yesterday! That’s how I heard about you. Sounds like you’ll at least have some reading material along the way.

    I was up until the wee hours of the morning looking at every picture and reading every post from the beginning of your journey to now. I now have a mad case of wanderlust! Your journey is so amazing there just aren’t words to describe how great I think it is.

    You won’t be coming my way, but if you did I would gladly give you a place to shower, eat, and rest. You are in my home state, though, so you are in good hands. Minnesotans know how to take care of their fellow man.

  11. Kat says:

    Wishing you butterfly mornings and wildflower afternoons for many years to come. What a great birthday! Love the pics/footage. Happy walking!

  12. Claudia says:

    Happy Belated Birthday just read about you in yahoo news.. just want to say you are truly an inspiration..
    Im 33 .. feel anxious and bored and frustrated with life.. feels like im at a standstill.. been at my job for 14 years..Its a good job, good money.. so whenever I even mention leaving my family and friends go ballistic… Like how dare I give this up.. i should be appreciative.. I have a son, so in those terms..I cant just get up and go.. believe me I wish I could take my son and runaway to montana and live in the natinal park in a but thats just not reality for me….but I was at a crossroads between going back to school (and follow my dream albeit it would be a paycut) and just biding my time here..and waiting to retire…. thanks to god I read your story…and I decided to go back to school.. I need an adventure.. THANK you SO much for the Inspiration! :) I will keep track of your journey! God Bless….

  13. Just wanted to say that I too will be quitting my job and going on a journey (in Spain). I am terrified. Not about the journey, but what awaits me when I return. While the decision was not inspired by you, I’m breathing much easier knowing someone is in the same walking shoes and it’s going so well. Thank you and Happy Birthday.

    Carlos from Pennsylvania

  14. Kate says:


    Just saw the story on Yahoo! and I’m sure you’re going to get tons of emails now especially – but you were traveling through my home state of Wisconsin (I live in South Carolina now) and it made me miss my home :) Love what you are doing, and love even more that you’re doing it for yourself. People always seem to think there has to be a reason for everything, when sometimes we should just be happy to be in the moment. Always be in the moment :)

    Kate from Wisconsin

  15. Kim says:

    What I think u r doing is something that alot of ppl wld love 2 do but r 2 afraid 2 do it. I hope that u had a wonderful birthday. You will b in my prayers. God is watching over u! Be safe!

  16. Charles says:

    Hope you had a happy birthday! I found out about you via the AP story (on Verzion Mobile Web’s Front Page) and have been catching up on your progress via your site & Flickr since I got off of work this morning.

    I’ve been enjoying the scenic photos you have been taking and the little tidbits of info on the unusual stuff you have come across.

    Keep on, keeping on. I hope you get some good weather and good walking done in the days ahead. Much luck and safe travels!

  17. Lina says:

    Hi Matt
    May God be with you in your journey. As you can walk freely any pathway you like, in many other countries people can’t venture out of defined paths afraid they may blow up on a landmine left there by the US army or one of its allies!!! ..(and once occupied enemies as well). If you think of free walk as a basic need/right, why not pave the way for other walkers across the world, everybody wants to follow his/her “songlines”. Everybody should be able to walk freely on this Earth that is ours! Take the cause of bipedes to walk freely without stepping on landmines! you can do everyone and the Earth you walk on a favour! Hope am not spoiling it for you!

  18. gino jeric v. ganaden says:


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Matt Green! we hope and pray that you’re always in good health. The greatest God’s gift was when you make this idea a reality.

    Gino Jeric

  19. Brooke Everton says:

    I am 25 and just starting out in the world… I live in Rural VT and love it! However your experiences thus far have made me think a great deal about how much generousity there is out there and how people are still willing to help others. I am truely excited to see what awaits you on your journey still to come and can’t wait to share this with my officemates and the teens I work with about doing things you love! Rock on!

  20. Helen says:

    Couldn’t resist to click on your site after reading about you in Yahoo news. It’s great to read about your walking journey which takes you to places that I can only dream of but won’t be able to go in my lifetime..

    Wish you great wonderful walkin journey ahead & looking forward to seeing more thru your lens…

  21. SKM says:

    Happy birthday!

  22. Anitra Eve says:

    Happy Birthday!! Just saw your story on the news today. You’re doing exactly what I daydream about. Good Luck to you!

  23. Loretta says:

    Belated birthday wishes! Just found your blog and I love what you’re doing. We have two homes in Colorado (one in the plains and one on the front range) and you’re welcome at both. Email me if you choose to stay with us.

  24. Craig says:

    LMAO… wow 2000 emails? Did your laptop Implode? Well Happy Birthday!
    Make the best outta today’s Journal and Picture and journey and make turning 30 a great day!
    My email header “Greetins from NC!” wahah well couldn’t help it.
    My guess today.. all the APers (I included) that “sent to a friend” you’ll either have another 2000 easy
    tomorrow or it will double.

  25. :j says:

    {belated} Happy birthday, M!
    I love walking, too.
    Be safe.

  26. Lily_of_the_valley says:

    Belated happy birthday dear! that’s one hell of a walk sweetie! :D but do continue what you’re doing..i really would want to see you walking in person..but unfortunately im too far away! the pictures are a beut nice shots you got there! goodluck and may god bless you on your wonderful journey…^_^

  27. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday. I am Sarah 33, from Kenya, East Africa. Totally inspired.

  28. Em says:

    “If God sends you down a stony path, may he give you strong shoes.” It seemed an appropriate quote since you plan to be walkin’ for a while. I know that it’s people like you that St. Christopher keeps an eye on.

  29. patricia says:

    ever heard of peter jenkins?

  30. Trish Hutsenpiller says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I am Tanner’s Mom, you met him in Richfield Ohio with Greg. I am amazed at the progress you are making. We check out your site frequently and are sending many prayers up for you and your journey! Good Luck!

  31. Sue says:

    Matt, I pray that you find what you are looking for. You are truly inspiring! May God bless you and continue to keep you safe!

  32. maureen says:

    happy birthday—-thank you for allowing me to go on your walk and see our beautiful country-you are an inspiration– Good Luck and may the road rise to meet you. may the wind be at your back and God hold you in the palm of his hand

  33. Jeff says:

    Happy Late birthday. I found out about your story from the AP article. I am very interested in your walk and will be following along on your site. Be careful and stay safe!

  34. Rosemarie says:

    Belated Happy Birthday. Awesome! Safe travels and may you encounter only goodness. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  35. Kimmie says:

    Just watn to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY and may you journey well…Brightest Blessings and may you reach your destination safe and sound.

  36. Dana says:

    Happy belated birthday, Matt. It will be one you remember all your life. :) I think it is awesome that you are making this walk and I will keep you in my prayers that you will stay safe and healthy.

    My husband said he saw you making your way through Chicago (he was on his way to work at the time). He called me up to tell me about it and then I got curious as to why you were doing it. Then I realised, you don’t have to have a reason, do you? If i could, I’d just walk and travel for the heck of it, for the sheer pleasure of seeing new places…to learn more about myself.

    Whatever your reasons, enjoy it and take care!


  37. Laura says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I turned 30 on Wednesday, and I think what you’re doing is awesome. Keep it up, and good luck!


  38. Lisa says:

    Happy belated birthday, Matt. I am a jazz artist and educator, and whenever I present workshops , I talk a lot about “getting out of your comfort zone.” You story is just the back-up documentation I’ve needed to make my point. As I read about your journey, your reasons, I cried tears of joy. What you are doing represents what everyone – deep down wants to do….experience true freedom. To have the audacity to “just do it” is just the inspiration American needed. Keep walking and being free… are changing the cosmic vibrations in humanity.

  39. Luke Mudge says:

    Hi Matt,
    I wanted to say for one happy birthday im also turning 30 soon and working in NY, though upstate towards binghamton, a lot of farms out here, good people as well,
    You obviously are a rare breed, and thats a good thing :) your able to see the good in people and trusting that they will trust you shows just that, that you are able to see the good, able to see the what was intended for us to see in life, the finer side, taking it all in and enjoying yourself on the way. When i first read the article on yahoo the first thing i thought was, wow, Ive driven home from Oregon once, that was 5 days, never thought of how it would be to walk the entire distance.
    It asked me to put a website on this, i wasnt going to at 1st but I thought if i were in your shoes i’d want a good book to read or something of that nature. So if you want the writings and poems on the site are there to read and enjoy if not thats okay as well.

    Take it easy,


  40. Kathryn says:

    Happy Birthday

  41. Stacy says:


    I really admire what you’re doing! It is so awesome when someone actually follows their dreams and accomplishes what they want to do, rather than what they are “supposed” to be doing. Too bad you didn’t come through Williamsport, PA, would have been great to see this in person!

    Good Luck to you!!!


  42. Brian says:

    Happy belated birthday and good luck on your journey. Be safe!

  43. Jenae says:

    Happy trails….

  44. says:

    Hey Matt congratulations on your accomplishment so far. This will truly be a life-changing experience for you. I will pray for your safety.I just turned 48, and although I was poorly trained and out of shape I just finished my first Marathon on 17 April. I had to do it because we need to experience all in life we can, and to prove to my grandson that if you put your mind to something there is little than your mind to stop you. I would encourage you to keep up your journey, and I will become a regular subscriber to your website. I will also look forward to reading your book.

  45. Meribel says:

    Belated happy birthday! I will ‘walk with you’ by visiting this site everyday! You have inspired me in a lot of ways, and I have been glad to share your story to most of my friends by posting your story in facebook and in other social sites because I believe that your story is indeed worth sharing. :) Be safe, and may He take good care of you.


  46. Belated Happy Birthday. Love what you are doing it’s so “green” just like my daily thrifting blog. Hats off to you well in your case you better keep your hat on and the SPF flowing. Best wishes.

  47. Amanda K in PA says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I saw your story on Yahoo! also and shared it with my friends. We all enjoyed your pictures and stories. Your pictures from PA made me laugh… oh, PA…
    I’ll be following your blog until the end. And when you reach the end I’ll be excited to know what you do next!
    I am living vicariously through you big time! I am tired of sitting at a desk day after day and wasting my life in what seems to be “Groundhog Day” mode. I wish you luck.
    Thanks for being such a great inspiration! :)

  48. Eunah Cho says:

    What you are doing is truly an inspiration. I know from reading your story that your mother and father were at first worried about your pilgrimage, as any good parents would be. I only hope now that they see how much something like this inspires people and how important it really is. I am sure they are very proud.

    I would love to leave you with some words of inspiration that have helped me push on throughout my life:

    There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth –
    not going all the way, and not starting.

    Good fortune be with you!

  49. Kellie says:

    WOW! Happy {belated} BIG 30!!! As I said in my email (headed: Your journey walked right on into my heart…), your positive nature is what will get you through this adventure a changed man, and aged too apparently lol. You are hitting milestones, not just for yourself, but for every one following your crazy ride (ride.. walk.. journey, w/e). ENJOY EVERY SECOND! =D
    Talk to you soon

  50. Chris says:

    Well I think what Matt has chose to do is a great thing. It would absolutely great to be able to meet people and enjoy life. Walking in the rain; walking in the breeze; walking in sunlight; walking in nature and walking with one’s self. The story that Matt will be able to tell once he’s finished his walk is definitely one that I’ll be willing to read or listen to. If he is willing to tell it. Thanks so much Matt for allowing me to be apart of your life by allowing me to post to your website and read your postings it’s a great feeling I get each day.

  51. Marge says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I am amazed at what you’ve undertaken. Good luck to you.

  52. Angie in SC says:

    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was filled with sunshine and roses and was just wondermous.

  53. John says:

    Happy birthday and happy trails, Matt!

  54. Donna says:

    Happy birthday, Matt! Turning 30 was the best year of my life (to that point anyway) and was epic in many ways, just as I think yours is for you. I hope the rest of the year turns out to be a fabulous “journey” as well. :)

  55. Ari says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Johnny Walker! And as he keeps on saying, “Keep walking”! You’re stirring the sleeping wanderlust in me, the desire to just be free and experience the touch of the serene, of life, of nature, of the world, and of the beautiful side of mankind’s nature. You’re definitely on my list of heroes, right with Ed Stafford and his Amazon trek! Walk on and best of luck!

  56. Sandra says:

    Whoa, big 3-0 and an epic adventure, can’t ask for much more.
    Happy 30th!

  57. Happy Borthday Matt, and good luck:)

  58. Lynn says:

    Happy belated birthday Matt! I found your website yesterday and really enjoyed viewing all of your pictures. I will now log on every day to see where you are and how you are doing. I love what you are doing and wish you well on the rest of your journey!

  59. BK says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! May you be blessed with great health to carry on your journey, love from friends and strangers whom you have yet to meet and happiness from this great trip.

  60. Lorraine Campagne says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Matt! I caught up on your trip up to now, yesterday while on a flight back home to Georgia. (Did you know you made the Yahoo main page?) I’m also an engineer (water resources) and I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks. Wish I could meet you and help you out somewhere along the way! I admire you for doing this for yourself. A lot of us in “cube-world” would love to have the courage and determination you do. And you’re bringing amazing insight to this country we live in! Such beautiful people you meet along the way!!! I’ll be following your trip, living vicariously through your pictures. And if after your trip, you do decide to go back to engineering, just email me!
    I wish you the absolute best. Enjoy every minute! Life is always too short for all the experiences we wish we could live!!


  61. LS says:

    Happy Birthday! You’re the man. Be safe!

  62. Janet says:

    Matt I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday.I just read your story on yahoo this morning.What a Wonderful way to enjoy life.For those of us that can’t do this we can take the trip through your eyes.My Family would have loved to have met you.But, we are from the MS Gulf Coast and I know you won’t be coming our way.I have 3 Sons and a Daughter and understand your parents concern.But, I also know this is an experience that will stay with you the rest of your life.I am 53 and wish I would have done a number of things in my life.But, I put them on the back burner thinking I would have plenty of time.I still intend to enjoy life though believe me. lol Please take care and when I say my prayers at night for my children, I will also include you in them. Have a safe,safe trip.

  63. Marthese Formosa says:

    Happy Belated birthday. Found this website today. It’s great! Be true to yourself, life is worth living not simply surviving.

  64. Juliana says:

    Saw your story on yahoo news. I went through all of you posts all day yesterday and finished just now….my manager is none too impressed, LOL! I’ve already added your sites to my favorites and will be checking in with you as part of my daily morning routine. Good luck with the remaining portion of your trip!!! Happy Birthday, and God Bless!

  65. tony says:

    happy belated birthday matt! Be safe an enjoy your quest. I really enjoyed your story. Well anywhoo happy belated birthday again an best wishies.

  66. John says:

    Happy late birthday from an envious 29 year old! :)

    You have to walk through Rollingstone! So fitting to the journey!
    If you go through Winona its to the NW

    Happy trails!

  67. Walking with you in spirit if never in real life … following your path with great interest and looking forward to your book so I can place it on my shelf of favorites and re-read it at my leisure. Your journey has touched a chord in so many of us, wow, what a good thing and much needed in today’s environment. Peace be with you and belated happy birthday, fellow Gemini. You are close to my two oldest sons ages and I see them in your quest, as well. Keep safe and God bless, young man … best wishes, barb (p.s. sorry about adding to the long list of e-mails inundating your site, but, oh well, with fame comes many such burdens! We all just want to be a part of the adventure, too, I think, even if it is only by reaching out to touch your experience through an e-mail. My best to you again from South Georgia, blp)

  68. Rod Norris says:

    Happy birthday Matt… talking about you to everyone I know on Pogo.. everyone says hi.. your getting a big fan club in there also.. We wish you well on your journey!! Enjoy an God go with you my friend
    Rod Norris

  69. Angela says:

    HI there Matt, Hope your birthday was filled with all the blessings that God had/has in store for you…I hope your travles are wonderful each and every step of the way!

    Angela, Yelm WA

  70. Crystal Mines says:

    I just want to say good luck! I will watch your progress….it’s so interesting!

  71. Kirk says:

    Happy belated birthday. Such an endeavour is inspiring to say the least. I too have added you to my list of sites to watch for.

  72. Silbia says:

    Happy belated birthday!
    I admire you, i hope I can someday have the courage to do something out of normal…
    Good luck and be safe!

  73. Hey Matt- I just read Martha Irvine’s story. Great job going after it. There are a lot of us “fence sitters” who are envious of what you are doing. You are an inspiration. Keep truckin’, brother, and happy birthday.

  74. Kimmie says:

    Happy belated Birthday!!!

  75. Karen says:

    Happy birthday to you! Love this story and your courage to live and reflect. Heartfelt best wishes for the long road ahead. Sincerely, Karen

  76. Jonathan says:

    That card is awesome.

  77. Jennifer says:

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! and I just recently started watching your progress. Very cool. Will keep watching.

  78. Jessica says:

    Happy Late Birthday! I turned 30 the day before you did, and I have to say, I’ve felt the need for a grand adventure myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have this adventure vicariously through you. I wish you a safe journey filled with fragrant air and breathtaking views. May the sun shine for you when you’d like it and the rain pour when you need it. Happy travels my friend. You will be in our thoughts and prayers!

    We’ll be watching from California =)

  79. Billy says:

    A very Happy Birthday! What you are doing is extremely inspirational, and I will be following this. As I travel quite often, perhaps I can catch you for a beer somewhere one day.

    Sincerely, Billy

  80. Angie says:

    Happy Birthday Love!

  81. Stephen says:

    Happy Birthday Matt. Like most of the posts here, I also stumbled on your story yesterday after Yahoo had you on the front page. My wife and I are following your progress and actually hope to be in Oregon to see you cross the finish line. Good luck to you and please keep the beautiful pictures coming. You really can see the beauty around when you just slow down!!!

  82. Darene says:

    Happy belated birthday, Matt!! I located your story on Yahoo and I’m enjoying keeping up with your adventure. We met a guy 3 yrs ago who came through Arkansas on a similar adventure. He was from England, but flew to New York and began his journey from Central Park. His destination ~~~Venice Beach, CA We so enjoyed meeting this gentleman and kept up with his journey day by day. YES he made it safely and his family were there to Welcome him as he entered Venice Beach.. I have not met you in person but I’m keeping up with your trek each day. I pray you continue to have a safe journey.

  83. Doris says:

    Where can we send money to help you on your trip??

  84. Cindy says:

    I just read your story in the paper and I think it’s awesome that you’ve chosen to go on this journey for yourself. Hope you have a safe trip & make it to Rockaway Beach w/o any mishaps!! :)
    PS – Happy Belated B-day!

  85. Cindy says:

    I just read your story in the paper and wanted to say that I think it’s awesome you’ve decided to go on this journey for yourself. Hope you have a safe trip w/o any mishaps before you get to Rockaway Beach!! :)
    PS – Happy Belated B-day!!

  86. Val says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Love the pictures!!

  87. carly says:

    just found your site today via a friend of mine. first of all, happy 30th birthday. second of all, i’m so sorry i missed you when you came through ohio, you would have been more than welcome to stay! good luck and stay safe!

  88. Delores says:

    Happy belated Birthday Matt! What you are doing is amazing. Have safe trip.

  89. Gail D says:

    Happy birthday!

  90. Nuttaphol says:

    Dear Matt,

    Happy Birthday. Your actions are truly beautiful. I, too, left my corporate job when I was 29 and spent two years documenting my great grandfather’s house in Southern China. Today, I’m an artist based in Los Angeles.

    There’s an artist who makes works about walking. His name is Richard Long.

    Enjoy the leaves whistle in the wind.


  91. Ryan from Canada says:

    Happy Birthday Greener!

    I found your story written by Martha on a Canadian news outlet. Truly inspiring. I have been fascinated by the idea of walking long distances since reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy back in college ( a little nerdy, I know). I almost had my wife convinced to take a walking trip together before getting married. I thought it would be a great way to get in shape and a final test of how much we actually liked each other. I think the true reason she bailed is because her tan lines would not be conducive to excellent wedding pictures :-) Anyway, good luck on your journey, I know you will make it. I look forward to following your progress.

  92. Tracy says:

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Maaattttt!
    Happy Birrrrthhhdayyyy to YOOOOUUUUUU!!!!! :)

    I just saw the story on Yahoo News – so cool that you had the courage to follow your heart! I applaud your courage and wanderlust!
    I have already looked through many of your postings and pictures…I’m hooked! I will be vicariously joining you in your travels across our country. Now a confirmed daily devotee of your site!
    Oh the stories you will have to tell…..
    I look forward to seeing your story, your photos and the recounting of your journey between the covers of a book some day!
    Stay safe and may God keep you in the palm of his hand!
    Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever forget to call your parents! :)
    -Tracy (SC, USA)

  93. Sonia says:

    Be safe and happy belated Birthday! You are doing something that we all think about doing! You are amazing!

  94. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday to you too, fellow Gemini! Mine was today. I also like to wander. I hope to at least drive cross-country one of these days.

  95. Heather says:

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!! I didn’t realize it was your birthday when I emailed you yesterday, now I feel bad :) Anyway, you are in my thoughts and prayers and thank you so much for the email! Let me know if you need anything!!!

  96. LindaConnelly says:

    I came across the story of your trek the other day and just wanted to say for you to have a safe and exciting journey! Happy birthday and I will keep you in my prayers!

  97. Sue Rockwell says:

    Love, love, love, what you are doing! And such great pictures! Many people will envy you. I sure do. Happy belated birthday, I didn’t know about you until today, keep doing what you are doing.

  98. Wes says:

    Walk and absorb what you are absorbing, I’m with you

  99. Adi says:

    Happy belated Birthday!! One of my friends just forwarded this site to me – amazing journey and love the pics! Keep doing what you’re doing, Matt :)

  100. Shar says:

    Happy Belated Birthday
    Best wishes on your Journey across the US
    God Bless

  101. Sudha says:

    Read your story in Yahoo… WOW now you are popular !!!

    Not everyone get to do what they want. Kudos to your courage. I like the reason why you are doing it ‘ there are no tags attached it’ which is just for the sake of it, thrill, adventure and in the process you may learn something and encounter many interesting stuff.

    even though your parents might be worried about your safety and all other concerns ,they must be really proud of you at the same time..

    Good Luck with your walk !!!!
    be safe and enjoy to the fullest…

  102. Linda says:

    Happy belated birthday. Sounds like it was a memorable one!

    All the best for you today…
    Linda & John A.

  103. Dana says:

    Happy Birthday! After reading the article on Yahoo yesterday, I could not stop looking through your website and following your journey. It is so heartwarming to read about all the wonderful, kind, and generous individuals and families you have encountered so far. Not too mention all the unique mailboxes!! Truly a journey to remember.

  104. happy birthday dude. wish you the best. way to rethink possible.

  105. Chris says:

    Happy belated! I found your story on Yhaoo and was very touched by your journey. I’ve read all of your posts and will keep up with your daily progress. In your journey, you’re building a very important treasure chest of memories that I’m confident you’ll look back on fondly for the rest of your life. So many people’s lives blend in one day to the next with little that happens that brings an awareness that life is happening around us. Your opportunity to be able to take the time to observe and appreciate some of the things that are around us (not to mention the mailboxes and back of ligns) that we miss every day is truly inspiring. Keep living the dream! I hope you have every chance ond opportunity to make the jouney back home via a different route to top off that treasure chest! Safe journeys…

  106. Ironcastle says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Amazing people you meet everyday and pictures are great!! goodluck dude!! safe journey!

  107. Sue B. says:

    Hey Matt! Wanted to wish you a Happy Belated 30th!! Didn’t realize that it was your birthday yesterday when I emailed you! Sounds like your journey will be getting alittle more exciting with all the publicity you’ve gotten recently! My Husband’s cousin who is only in his mid 20’s is doing something similiar but going to all other parts of the world with little money and he goes for months at a time…quite an adventurer…enjoy!!

  108. phi le says:

    happy late birthday. your journey has been on my mind since i read it yesterday afternoon on msn. i’m reflecting alot about myself and asking whether i can or will ever attempt what you’re doing. again, happy birthday and enjoy the quest.

  109. Rebecca says:

    Happy late birthday! I turned 30 myself on May 8. Wish I had the time to trek across the country! I love to walk myself. You should journey through Northwest Arkansas. Very beautiful country here. Have a fun trip!

  110. Eileen says:

    Hey Happy Belated Birthday… we share the same birthday 27 May…(although I was 30 when my daughter was born and she is now 19!)

    Like so many people I guess… I feel a real connection to what you are doing and understand the spirit and joy in which you are taking this journey… and like so many I will be following you as you document your journey and sending you lots of positive energy and strength.

  111. mercy says:


  112. Karla Batten says:

    Happy belated birthday. I’m addicted to your blog. What a wonderful journey you are having. I am amazed daily by the kindness and generosity of all the people you encounter. Stay safe. Karla

  113. Karla Batten says:

    I am addicted to your blog,. What an amazing journey you are having. Happy belated birthday. Stay safe. Karla

  114. Matthew D'Asti from Canada says:

    I e-mailed you earlier today from my work. I’ve now had a chance to check out your photos and posts. One word;
    AWESOME!! From one Matt to another sending positive thoughts and energy your way. I will be checking this out daily.
    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  115. Michael says:

    Happy Birthday Matt! I also share May 27th with you and totally “get” what it means to be a Gemini :-)

    Aren’t road trips just the best?! Have fun and be safe.

  116. Janine says:

    Darn! I missed your birthday by a day. Glad it was a good one! I love that your mom emailed the visitor’s bureau. :o)

  117. Plysomack says:

    Happy belated birthday my friend. My name is Jason and I too am 30 years old. I’m studying engineering and I love to travel. I’m telling you this because I feel very connected to you through what you are doing. What you are doing is not only and inspiration; it is a reassurance that the people of this country are wonderful and supportive. Thank you for your courageous journey!

  118. Richardo says:

    r u a jew?

  119. scott mac says:

    When you saw you had 2000+ emails did you say “Holy Crap-o-la!”

  120. Happy belated birthday my inspirational friend! It may be awhile til you read this since so many people are emailing you now but just know that many people here on the West Coast are super excited for your arrival!!!! Have a great week and God bless ^_^ Mary

  121. […] a handmade quilt; a group of nurses sent him off with rhubarb bread. Others have slipped him a $20. Thousands of readers have e-mailed him. The walking, he says, on his website, gives him a direct way to […]

  122. Darene says:

    WOO_HOO MATT! ! Your almost on countdown time now !!! I know this has been an adventuresome trip for you. You have met up with some incredible people and seen tons of beautiful, breath-taking scenry. I check in to your site daily(it’s routine now) ha :) to see what pictures you have posted and how many miles you’ve accomplished that day. JUST 160 or so miles to go….. Until then, prayers, that the remaining mileage and terrain will go acceptionally well. You better write a book!

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