Day 97

A good alley

July 1st, 2010

Dickinson, ND


  1. Pablo says:

    A proper North Dakota alley … clean, uncluttered, pleasant, no critters … only one hobo (but he equipped with GPS and an engineering degree) …

  2. Jeff says:

    Them wierd Telephone poles to me. What is with the big a$$ garbage cans. street looks neat..and clean…but in a land of so much grass..whats with all the cement???

  3. Anna One in CA says:

    Except “can you hear me now?”…

  4. Kelley says:

    Hi Matt, I can’t believe this alley is so clean. Glad to see you are well and still walkin’. I check your progress from time to time from down here in south Louisiana. Thank you for these great photos and showing that ordinary people are great and America is beautiful. You’re on my prayer list so take hear, you’re not traveling alone.

  5. Angelica says:

    YES. Even the alleys in North Dakota are awesome.

  6. Must be all that wind keeping these so clean. I can’t believe how clean it appears to be.

  7. Jim in AR via MN says:

    No doubt…not just a “good alley”…but a “proper alley”…

  8. Peacenik in Oregon says:

    The town I grew up in was so small we didn’t have alleys. I am enjoying the big city alleys where I live now. My own little easy-paced short cuts to bypass all the high-speed one-way downtown thorougfares.

  9. Barbara Kiviat says:

    This is a good alley. And I know alleys.

  10. That’s a really clean alley! Probably because it’s a small town is why it’s so clean. And the big garbage cans are for the businesses trash.
    I love the architecture here and the creative use of space. Really neat how it’s all built.

  11. Crystal says:

    That looks just like Fargo. You missed the alleys when you were here!

  12. Kevin says:

    I know that alley!

    I grew up in Dickinson North Dakota and missed my chance to go back this year. It is a special place where the morning and evening commutes last all of 10 minutes, where distances are measured in miles rather than hours, and where you can eat dinner at 5:30, watch the prime time TV shows starting at 6:00 and still have enough daylight to go fishing at the town’s trout lake by 9:00.

    The photos are an interesting and eclectic set and I hope there are more. Thanks for posting them.

    What a great adventure to walk across the country. Continued good luck!

  13. Vicki says:

    Thanks for the wonderful memory! Ran, walked and biked, up and down that series of alleys many times growing up in Dickinson! It was always that clean, and am glad to see it hasn’t changed. Aw, the memories your photo brings back! Thank you!

    Am sorry to have missed so much of your walk, but will be keeping up with you now. Wish you continued health, good weather and safe and healthy walking!

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