Day 97

Uncle Ray is back!

July 1st, 2010

I hadn't seen him since Indiana, but he's made some more appearances west of the Missouri.


  1. katzien in austin says:

    Great price too! One bag = one serving. ;-)

  2. Donna in Texas says:

    I’ve seen them in the 99 cent Stores in Houston.

  3. Laurenis says:

    Uncle Ray is sort of cheap!

  4. Lois says:

    I noticed that it says “Chapter 22” on the top left corner of the bags, so I did a little looking on the internet:
    Apparently there are over 30 chapters on the bags about “The Life and Times of Uncle Ray”
    (from the site): He felt compelled to send a message to those eating his product. “If someone was ever contemplating suicide, drugs, stealing, or what ever life’s troubles bring you, I want you to know that you are not alone”. “Everyone has bad days and I want to be there with a message”

  5. Jeff says:

    Hmmm..are they as soggy as the pickles. Maybe that is why they are so cheap

  6. John in MI says:

    “Always made fresh, from nature’s best,” but the question is do they always stay fresh?. These bags are good ’til March of next year!

  7. Michael in Atlanta says:

    0 grams of transfat. Just like the Krispy Kreme I had for breakfast today. Health food rocks! Transfat blows.

  8. Janine says:


  9. Nancy says:

    Perhaps Uncle Ray will work a deal with Matt “The Life and Times of I’m Just Walkin.” Matt’s story will be on written on the back of Uncle Ray’s chips…

  10. Craig ( NC!) says:

    The bag says Kosher Dill Flavor! Kosher Dill ______________???
    I just can’t think in my mind of… all the flavors to make something why pickle flavor??
    I’ve seen vinegar flavor chips, yes. But pickle flavor?

  11. Brittney in Canada says:

    You think pickle is strange Craig?

    What about ketchup , sea salt & malt, fries & gravy, salt & pepper, pizza, guacamole… Tons more, try some :)

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