Day 98

Teamwork or competition?

July 2nd, 2010

These things were all over the road today.


  1. Lori says:

    Strong little guys

  2. Anna One in CA says:

    Well, that’s definitely a first for me. As for previous, have seen cattle guards all over state. And, I assume those were 3 generations of Belles. Hope there are nice folks in MT to give you shelter. Be safe…

  3. sandy repke says:

    never seen beetles that close up… wow! we hope you hook up with some nice MT people. happy fourth of july to you. we will be at annandale for the parade an at roxannes for alot of fun an food.. couple beers too russell says.

  4. Barb C. says:

    O.K. I will be the one to ask, are they really moving balls of cow dung?????
    Also where’s Jeff from Jersey. Can’t wait to see what he has to say. Matt you need a cowboy hat and boots to enter Montana!!!! ha ha

    • Jeff says:

      psssst…over here Barb C. Had a rough day but found my way back….I never knew dung beetles were in the USA…I only know of them in Africa. Learned something new…..

      I am wondering what the Manure de jour is myself!!!

    • jerry's kid says:

      cows leave “cow pies” liquidy pancake plops that dry out eventually. Maybe these are horse manure – that comes out in a series of big blobs or balls though I haven’t seen any that look just like that! I grew up around cows and horses.

  5. Mike in Phoenix, AZ says:

    I believe they are dung beetles.

    Sleep tight tonight Matt.

  6. Carrie says:

    Can’t wait to see you when you get to Oregon. Keep being Awesome!!

  7. Ewwww! Yuck! I hate beetles of any kind (except Paul, John, George and Ringo). These are gross. I’m sure others find things like this fascinating but I just find beetles gross. But thanks for all the updates on your travels.

  8. Lowell says:

    If you had stayed home, I never would have known there are dung beetles in the U.S. You have made me a better person!

  9. Gigi says:

    It’s for the beetle’s fourth of July feast. Happy weekend Matt .. and a happy July 4th as well!

  10. Kelley in FL says:

    I just want to know if it works like a snowball in a cartoon – does one beetle have to get rolled under as they keep it moving?

  11. Kevin from NC says:

    OK, I’m not complaining about my job anymore after seeing this.

  12. AZ Bob says:

    This is what we call a “stink bug” down here in the desert. Used to see them all the time — not so much anymore. But you don’t want to step on one. Or if you do by accident, don’t hang around there much.

  13. Marta says:

    Nice shot! I guess one can notice this little miracles when walking…

  14. Craig ( NC!) says:

    Well… I was wondering what is make those kiwi looking poo balls.

  15. Don in Tennessee says:

    You rolling the dang dung in the wrong direction! The ULTRA SOFT CHARMIN is over their!!!

  16. Jonathan says:

    Are those as large as they appear to be?

  17. Jen In Kansas says:

    Those are dung beetles and they roll the dung up in balls so that they can lay eggs in them. The males often compete for the best dung to entice the females.

    • Stephen says:

      @Jen: “The males often compete for the best dung to entice the females.” I think this is true for all species, but so often this effort goes unappreciated… so I hear.

  18. Sarah says:

    How bizarre, I’ve never seen those outside of photos or illustrations… aaand I guess that trend continues, here, but I meant out of photos or illustrations in nature guide books. I used to read/ flip through a lot of them.

  19. Roe says:

    TY to Mike in Phoenix for the site, map shows they live just about EVERYWHERE in this world…Must be time to shake out those boots in the a.m., Matt!

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