Day 99

Empty coal cars

July 3rd, 2010

I've seen WAY more trains in North Dakota than in any other state. Some days I see more train cars than automobiles.


  1. Hop the rails Matt, hop the rails. You’ll be in Oregon in no time flat! .LOL.

  2. Jeff says:

    Now Dorinda…I think he did hitch a ride… else would he know them cars were empty. he had to peak inside….. I bet it is tempting for like one minute, right Matt. More trains then cars in a day….I got to head west to check this out one day. I like deserted islands….but this terrain interests me alot. I love the little gray bushes tha seem to be showing up. they stand out in the pictures…oh I suppose they could be weeds. Very “western looking”.. All it needs is them horse riding bandits to come along…..

  3. You know Jeff, I never thought of that. Yes it would make sense, how else would he know they were empty? Good catch!
    I believe the gray bushes are sage brush bushes. I could be wrong but mine was a really nice gray bush I had growing here. And from what I’ve heard they grow all over out west.

  4. katzien in austin says:

    They are empty because if they were full, then you would see the curved top of the pile of coal.

  5. Matt in WY says:

    Don’t get too tempted to hop in a car and catch a ride… There’s no way out. Seems like every few years someone is burried in a coal car when they are filled at the mines. I work at a mine, and you’re likely to see quite a few more coal cars as you cross Eastern Montana. Also, if you hop an empty coal train you are almost certain to end up well off your route, but you can come say “hi” to me! :-) Welcome to the Wild, Wild West!

    …And yes, that’s sage brush, there’s lots of it. You’ll also see “grease wood” which is the much bigger-looking sage brush. Keep an eye out for the rattle snakes now.

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