Day 99

More petrified wood

July 3rd, 2010

There is quite a bit of it on display in Sentinel Butte.


  1. The Lock says:

    That’s what she said.

  2. Jeff says:

    Random placed or naturally put? Just wierd looking….but Wood that has turned to rock. Amazing world we live in when you look around.

  3. They’re huge! Wonder what scared them.

  4. Craig (Pennsylvania) says:

    All that scenery in the Badlands made me think of one of my favorite writers… Loren Eiseley… whose voice can be heard here, quoting from one of his essays in which he relays a vignette about hunting fossils in the Badlands

  5. Candice in Alabama says:


  6. 'gina says:

    lawn ornaments

  7. katzien in austin says:

    Remnants of an old huge forest??

  8. mojinator says:

    matt, did you see the 7 petrified dwarves as well?

  9. Stephen says:

    Must be some serious woodpeckers out there!

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