Day 99

Muddy Waters

July 3rd, 2010

A video from yesterday


  1. I like! Really cool looking and how it runs along a little mountain range. Great video. Thanks.

  2. Nicole says:

    I just love his music : )

  3. Jeff says:

    Yes, I agree, nice soundtrack. makes ya wonder if the water is always muddy or was there a brief rain which disturbed the sediment. Looks like a landscape from another planet….Thanks for living footage. It is a favorite of mine.

    • 'gina says:

      muddy waters are muddy, they dont require disturbance, they are already disturbed. :)

    • Craig ( NC!) says:

      Jeff .. I’m with you 100%….
      MATT, you directions take your up one of these.. for GOODNESS SAKES take another route!
      I’ve grown to care about you.
      Please be alright.. and THINK before walkin….

  4. Karen Too says:

    Any relation to John Coal Train?

  5. Candice in Alabama says:

    I enjoy your videos as well – I thought I heard some birdsong in that one – and some wind. What’s with the concrete blocks?

  6. mojinator says:

    i think this river is man-made-ish. why?

    1. muddy water
    2. the mountain side seem tampered with, maybe people harvest rocks from it.
    3. not much plants growing from the “tampered” mountain side.
    4. bricks at the start of the vid.
    5. the red rocks at the side of the river were too well placed.

    or maybe it’s just me. hehe!

    • CJ says:

      Actually, mojinator…

      I live in the badlands of ND and scenes like this are quite common. I’m unsure of the exact location, but I’d bet this is a natural creek… and I don’t bet. Here’s why…

      1. The waters that flow through these lands are nearly always muddy because of the loose soils of this area.
      2. All through the badlands there are “mountain sides” just like they one in the video. They were formed by the waters that flowed the same path many, many years ago.
      3. Plants around here have a hard time growing on the sides of natural cuts like this because we don’t genereally get a lot of rainfall in this part of the state. The rain the would fall on a steep slope like that would wash away both soil and seed. Barren slopes like this are everywhere in the the badlands.
      4. The bricks at the start of the video are simply evidence of human contact… and our disregard for nature.
      5. The red rocks on the side are called “scoria” and is basically baked clay. It can be found throughout much of the badlands and is actually and rather light, flakey rock. Wind can blow the rocks around and water currents will deposit it on high spots because it is so light.

      I can’t say for certain, but I do believe this is a natural land formation. You should come out and see it sometime! :)

      • mojinator says:

        thanks for clarifying that CJ. here in the Philippines, when you see a mountain side like that, you’d know it was man-made, or should i say man-unmade(and it sucks) with all the rock deposit at the bottom of the mountain(unlike in Matt’s vid).

        I’d love to visit your badlands ^^

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