Day 102

The range

July 6th, 2010


  1. Saun in Ohio says:

    This is awesome….

  2. Don in Tennessee says:


    Home, Home on the Range.

    Where the deer and the antelope play;

    Where seldom is heard a discourgaing word.

    And the skies are not cloudy all day!


    Is this real or Memorex!!!

    Thank you Matt!

  3. MN Roxanne says:

    I can almost hear the wind in the grass as you walk along…. beautiful site!

  4. Now this would make me afraid. Out in the middle of no where with no other humans around for miles and no way to get anyone’s attention fast. I don’t think I could do this part even though it looks nice. This is just a little to “open range” for me. Good luck Matt! Stay safe out there.

  5. mojinator says:

    i can imagine myself rolling down on that small hill… weeeeee!

  6. Nadine says:

    What gorgeous scenery. When I get home from work each day, I go right to your website. What a wonderful way to see the country and meet the fabulous people who live here. Stay safe.

    • Michael in Atlanta says:

      My boss is gonna figure out I’m not waiting to get home to see the site. *looks around furtively*

  7. Jeff says:

    Matt..enjoy your walk on the range. IF you were home on the East would not be walking ON the range…you would be walking out INTO a Range. May the cooler weather be with you…oh and the Force too.

    • Karen Too says:

      Funny, Jeff. It feels more like an inferno up here in the Northeast. It reached the 100 degree mark in a nearby town yesterday, and it was even hotter in Jersey.

      Unlike you, I detest the heat, but due to fairly low humidity, and the mountains, it’s not as bad as it is down in the city where the concrete holds the heat.

      Give me snow any day of the week, though I do like the beach, too. The hills of Montana are looking good to me now, too.

      • Barb C. says:

        I agree with you Karen T. It hot where I live, 90 today==need rain and cooler temps.

      • Candice in Alabama says:

        Right ON! Karen Too – And for some reason (my job) I have lived in the HOT HUMID SOUTH all my life. Thank goodness for Air Conditioning. Without it, I would be like a slug. I wouldn’t be able to move. I’d just lay there. I’m sweating right now (I did just have my coffee!).

      • Don in Tennessee says:

        Karen Too (or is it also) & Jeff

        Would love to see another video of this area myself.

        To be 94 here today and 97 tomorrow plus the good ole humidity.

        Karen Too

        When I did my week of whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon in 1998 the stars where like in your face at night. I never slept in a tent but on my sleeping bag just star gazing. It was so awesome. I know it has to be the same or maybe even better for Matt in BIG SKY COUNTRY!

        You and Jeff stay cool today.

        • Jeff says:

          You buying the snow cones? What I would do for a walk in the mountains. My house was throwing off heat energy last night. Bet Matt would like some ice on this legg of his walk, between homes/ranches that is.

          • Mike in Phoenix, AZ says:

            I chuckle as I read the posts about the “heat.” Here I am in Phoenix, AZ and we have had soooo many consecutive days above a hundred already this year. I work outside (it’s my choice) and have endured 122 in the shade. Oh yeah it’s a dry heat – hahaha. Heh, hot is hot.

            Walk on.

            BTW – I grew up on Long Island (40 years) and know about the temperature humidity index but as I said, hot is hot.

            • Karen Too says:

              Guess snow cones will have to do until winter rolls around again. I hope everyone finds a way to beat the heat.

              I spent a fair number of years in the Deep South, and I still am not used to the heat. As for dry heat, I agree: hot is hot. As for 122 in the shade, that’s just nuts, and way beyond hot!

              On a clear night, the stars up here seem very close, too, but there are a lot of trees obstructing my view (not that I’m complaining).

              I’ve been in wide open spaces before, and there’s nothing like a big sky for stargazing.

  8. Men Style says:

    What a beautiful hills :)

  9. Karen Too says:

    Can you imagine crossing this terrain in a covered wagon? Still, it is a gorgeous part of the country. I bet it looks like the moon when covered in ice and snow.

    Matt, it appears that you are up fairly high when taking this shot. Another stunning photo.

    In addition to doing a book, you could exhibit your photos in an art gallery.

    On another note, I bet the night skies you’ve seen on this journey have been spectacular, too.

    • Candice in Alabama says:

      I bet those night skies are spectacular, Karen Too. On our return trip from the West Coast by Auto – we drove Highway 50 across Nevada – at night. Wow – it was the first time I’d ever seen the Milky Way – so many, many stars. I’ll never forget that trip. We had the best breakfast in the world in Ely, Nevada. And somewhere along the route we spent the night in a small motel and woke up with a CAT in our room! :)

    • Laurenis says:

      I was thinking the same thing a couple of photos back…history wise, with people going over these areas with covered wagons, etc. And oh, the stars must be so beautiful!

  10. Candice in Alabama says:

    I see a few cows that are ignoring Matt – a couple on the right MIGHT be interested in him.

    • Candice in Alabama says:

      ooh….!! Speaking of “on the right”, there’s some more of those grassy hills – I’d like to climb! Lots of them! I’d be in Hill Heaven.

      • Karen Too says:

        Ha ha! I noticed the cows, too. It’s hard to tell, but based on past experience, it’s very likely that they are all staring at Matt.

        Funny story about the cat in your room. I can see the Milky Way up here, too, though (as I said above) the trees, and mountains, around me get in the way, if I’m viewing the sky from my yard or driveway. (It’s an easy drive to find a wide open space to get a clearer view, but I like being able to see them from home.)

        • Candice In Alabama says:

          I live in a very well lighted area, too well lighted for stargazing. I used to drive out to a road out in the country to gaze at the stars. The last time I did that, my Mom and I went out early, early one cold morning to watch a meteor shower (I can’t remember which one it was).

          You don’t seel the stars in Alabama like you do in those low humidty states/low vegetation states. I’ll never forget that Nevada night sky. or the hotel/motel CAT! :)

  11. kim says:


  12. Jeff says:

    Seen the stars up in New Hapmpton New Hampshire. Like I had never seen before. With the “big sky” can you imagine what it must be like to lie down and gaze up. Wish Matt could get a shot of that. So much light polution here it is rediculous. I am rooting for a book still…

  13. Molly says:

    Wow, love it. Looks like a great place to pitch a tent!

  14. Chaser1 says:

    Matt, so long as you are in the county you are in. I can find you if you get into trouble and can find a cell signal. you have my number already. As for the pitching a tent, Molly. It would be a great idea if it wasn’t for the high amount of wind on this side of the state.

  15. Joe from LA says:

    Where are all the Hobbits?

  16. katzien in austin says:

    Wow, so awe inspiring! ;-0 I’m looking longlingly out my office window right now. I have a gorgerous view of the rolling Austin hill country, but it’s nothing like this. My window is a glass pane window, else I would have opened it and jumped out long ago. Happy trails Matt!

  17. deanna valenti meyer says:

    If you get night skies there like I had when I lived in WY…there is NOTHING better! I had never seen as many stars as I had when I lived out on a ranch. Amazing…you feel like you could touch them! We are going to be getting 93+ temps today in the Pac NW…which will head your way soon Matt. Hope you have lots of water on hand…it’s going to be nasty the next few days.

    122 in the shade…THAT is just unbearable (hot is definitely hot!). I can hardly deal with 90+, never mind over 100. Guess that’s why I moved out of the deserts of SoCal and moved to the Pac NW.

  18. Sharon P says:

    Beautiful picture! One great benefit of your journey is that you take so many along who have never been to that part of the country.

  19. Jeff says:

    So hottish weather is heading Matt’s way. It might it might not..we won’t know because he does not talk about the bad. Hot is Hot agreed. I’d rather be on a beach then a snow covered mountain anyday. Phoenix guy is right..seems everday is over 100 and they don’t complain. So let’s just regroup, cool off…and wonder…
    Where’s Matt…? No photo’s yet…and the red line has not moved has it or is it just on the big map.

    • Donna in MI says:

      I think this is how it’s supposed to work. If he can’t get cell service, the red line on the map won’t change until this evening (I have no idea how long it will be before it shows up on this site) when he activates his GPS beacon to let his folks know he’s OK and it gives his location. His GPS beacon is a separate gadget.

      • Donna in MI says:

        The “details of my trip” page tells about the electronic gadgets he took. Near the bottom of the page, it says he took an “Emergency GPS Beacon”. Click on that and it tells about the “SPOT Personal Tracker”. SPOT does lots of cool stuff! We’re not gonna lose Matt! SPOT won’t let it happen. SPOT’s locked onto Matt’s location so long as Matt can push a button!

  20. Lori says:

    My husband & I have done a LOT of motorcycle riding in Montana (we live in N. Idaho). A few years ago, we rode East to West from Glendive to Great Falls on Hwy 200, the same route you are planning, Matt, then from Great Falls through Thompson Falls and on in to N. Idaho. You are in for spectacular ‘big sky’ scenery and LOTS of lonely road for the next couple of weeks. It’s true… the sky IS bigger in MT… along with just about everything else. Take care of your self, you will need lots of water because you’re going through E. MT at hottest time of year.

  21. jerry's kid says:

    You’ll have a spectacular view of the meteor showers in mid August. Walking out in the “no where” where light pollution isn’t a factor allows you to see the stars and Milky Way so clearly. Star gazing is a favorite activity for my family. You should be able to see an occasional shooting star out there even when it isn’t a meteor shower period.

  22. Danika says:

    come to canada!

  23. Jeff! Where are you? I’m having serious Matt withdrawals here and need to hear from somebody! Help! CPR! A nice cold water! Help me! I’m going down………

    • Jennifer in KY says:

      Gosh, Dorinda. I may be too late! Looks like you posted more than an hour ago. Can’t do virtual CPR! Give a holler if you’re still alive!

      • Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Jeff, is that you? I’m trying to holler, can you hear me now? I’m trying to hold on but I need some hobo nation infusion. Keep it coming and I think I’ll survive another couple hours. Thanks. Of course more jokes help, they keep the breath going in and out. : )

      • Jennifer! Thank Gosh your heard me! I couldn’t see clearly there and thought the J was for Jeff but it’s Jennifer. Oh thank you for coming to my aid so quickly! I was down and ate to see if that would help me feel better but then I needed dessert and came on here to get that “fix”. I’m so glad someone is out there! Phew!

    • Jeff says:

      Here I am on yonder porch! Eating grilled pizza saying…I wonder if Matt posted yet. 51 posts on this Range..cause no one knows were to go. I have a nice cold Sangria I would share with you, Matt and the others (shout out to lost)…but alas..I too must wait. I am laughing a good one here. Thanks. We should start those therapy classes soon I was talking about, no??

      • If this keeps up we’ll have to for sure. Hope you have a nice breeze with your dinner. Can’t believe you’re out in this heat grilling a pizza! How do you grill pizza anyway? I believe I saw it on Top Chef Masters show on Bravo if I’m not mistaken.

        • Jeff says:

          Calm down craig. See I knew I should have been on that show!! Grilling is what the heck. Actually with pizza it is indirect heat you put the coal (yes..wood or charcoal is the only way to go) away from you and then toast a first, then you put some ..say grilled eggplant and green squash and the fresh joisy tomatoes..and a little Fontina cheese….spin it around for a few minutes…and you got a mighty fine dinner. secret is not to burn the crust…. Sangria and a little OJ..splash and it is not so hot out. Our brothers and sisters fighting in Afganistan put up with heat in the 120’s and wear 40 or 50lbs of survival wear…so it is hot..but it could be worse on many layers. Keep a smile Dorinda. Breath easy….and the intermission will be over sooner or later.

          • Wow, good perspective there Jeff. Thanks for that. You are of course absolutely right, if we think it’s hot here, try to be in their shoes over there. God bless the men and women who protect our freedoms for us. They deserve it.

      • Craig ( NC!) says:

        wow bro.. grilled pizza!? Very Few people do it correctly.
        I’m getting aroused.
        ummmmmmmmm grilllllllllled pizzaaaaaaaaa.
        Sangria = Blood
        I know it’s just a red colored drink.. but tooooooooooooooo sweet for me.

        • Jeff says:

          I know Craig. Perhaps the next food network star for me. Not sure….Crust was not burned and your right – not easy to do. But patience is a good start. Do you only come out at night??? Peace brother.

        • katzien in austin says:

          The secret to my awesome sangria: dry red wine like a zin or cab (two bottles), half a can of juice/nectar such as Kerr’s peach, mango, pear, apricot (pick three flavors), then add two cups brandy (the cheap stuff is fine). Stir and serve over ice. The brandy gives a kick and cuts the sweetness. Salute!!

  24. Don in Tennessee says:


    Don’t make me have to call OBAMA and have his communications Czar intervine. It would not be a pretty site.

    Hopefully Matt is safe and has met some new warm and friendly people he “may never meet again” or maybe he will be fortunate to meet them again!

  25. Don in Tennessee says:

    I just heard from Verizon. The rotary dial on Matt’s phone is broken. Vewrizon says China will have a new rotary dial to him in 3 weeks.

    I called Larry the Cable Guy and he called China and told them to “GIT HER DONE” today or else!

    • Barb C. says:

      You guys ( Jeff & Don ) are crazy & funny. But please don’t give up your day jobs!!!he he
      I was hoping there would be a new picture when I got home from work, but no such luck. Which part of Tn are you in Don?

      • Don in Tennessee says:

        BARB C.

        Maryville (some locals say Murville). Lived here all my life and I am about 45 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. How ironic it is you mention don’t give up my day job. I have been unemployed from banking for 11 months. It is called being 60 and in the business for 36 years and trying to do banking the way it should be done-we conserative bankers are not wanted. I get to start my daily dose of Yuengling earlier!

        I sure am enjoying Matt Hobo Green and his trek and all of these followers of the HOBO NATION. I am meeting people from all over.

        I got an e-mail from Jeff in Jersey today. Hope to hear from others like you, Karen Too (or is it also). E-mail I have spare time and I am loving the ride with Matt. I worry about this section thru Montana.

        Hope Matt stays safe. Lets all pray for him to have a safe trek everyday!

    • Jennifer in KY says:

      Don – you’re too funny! Keep the smiles comin’ cause Matt may not get to join all us people who are livin’ vicariously!

  26. Sarah in OR says:

    I like the “home on the range” reference. Lovely photo :)

    • Don in Tennessee says:


      I have never been to this part of our great country. I have heard so much and it did remind me what I thought I would see from that song. It is great to talk to so many people of the HOBO nation. Are you close to Rock Away Beach, OR? You may email me at Tennessee is a long way from Oregon.

  27. Hi Dorinda, I have been reading your posts and fetl compelled to tell you my sisters name is also Dorinda the only other Dorinda I have heard was on the Price is Right as a contestant. Do you know anyone else with your name? My Dad said he caught the name from Miss August in playboy 1969.
    oh well thanks for listening.

    • Jennifer in KY says:

      For what it’s worth, Renee’ – I went to school with a couple of girls with the name Dorinda back in the 70’s, but hadn’t heard it since until this blog.

    • I was the only one around here for a long time, teachers mispronounced it all through school. That was embarrassing. I had to be in my twenties when my Mom told me someone else around here had the name. I was all upset about it as it is MY name, no one else’s ! lol. One time I went into a KFC here and the clerks name was Dorinda. That was different. I’ve not met anyone with the name although I’ve heard about others having it. How I got it was my Mom found it in a book in somewhere and liked it. I was born in 1962 so good thing it wasn’t from the playboy book! I also had my son do a facebook search on the name, I absolutely REFUSE to get a facebook page but that’s a whole other story. There were 100 people that came up with that name. I was outraged! It’s MY name!!!! (like I own it! ha. ). Anyway, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. :0)

  28. Jeff says:

    ahhh the 70’s. The year of the bicentenial. America celebrated as I feel we are doing too. I googled Matt Green today and got 1675 hits. Funny thing is you type..Matt Green and the drop down starts with Matt Green Walking.

    A couple of weeks ago all I got was some rock singer. Hobo Nation and Media a groweth. Cooling off in Jersey right now.

    For those with nothing to do but ponder Matt Green’s Safety and wearabouts (spell) you can email the pool at and give me a date you think he will finish. In the next couple days I will post some details…and results. All I can say is Karen Too…has the most creative date….and my September 15th date…don’t know…but shoot me a date, a name, a code word…whatever and I will post to excel sheet. Just for fun .. and you win the Big price….you can say Yahoo I won….or “Big Sky” if you choose. Peace for now.

  29. Jeff says:

    I will refraim.

  30. Jeff says:

    Matt has been found. New pictures

  31. Bill says:

    I’ve written CBS Feature reporter Steve Hartman and asked if he will do a story on you, Matt. We should get everyone to email Steve at CBS.

  32. CP in MI says:

    More artwork in a photo.

  33. karen428 says:

    Your pics make me smile :-)

  34. Melanie-Rochester, NY says:

    Great picture! I hope you have the Google Sky Map app on your Droid – It’s a good way to pass the time at night a learn a thing or two about the big sky! Safe journey!

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