Day 103

Another look down the road

July 7th, 2010


  1. Glenda says:

    Been a long time since i seen it that green in July – its usually all yellow due to the heat and lack of rain.

    • Dennis in So Cal says:

      I’ve been following Matt’s path on Google Earth and like you say the unirrigated terrain looks predominantly brown. It looks like a wet winter and spring has kept things unusally green in July. The photos Matt has been taking are stunning.

  2. Craig ( NC!) says:

    $10 says this is 3 times longer than it looks, my guess is 3 miles from foot to horizon.

  3. hks says:

    Just save your picture as my desktop background. Thanks for showing us Montana.
    Stay safe.

  4. MN Roxanne says:

    What a scene!! It’s a long straight road- with not much traffic on it- but what a view!! I’m enjoying it Matt thanks for sharing.

  5. Standing in the middle of the road? Didn’t your momma ever tell you not to do that? Nice looking road though and beautiful BIG SKY. Love the “eternal” look of this pic. This is all just so beautiful.

  6. scott mac says:

    The center lane markings indicate you have reached a crest in the road. So ahead of you must be a Montana valley?

  7. Don in Tennessee says:

    AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL (THE SONG) says it all for me.

    Like the Grand Canyon whitewater rafting-every turn is more spectacular.

    Thank you Matt

  8. Jeff says:

    I am going with 5-7 mile stretch to the horizon. with the B__ sky and the vast grassland…distance can be fooling. But Matt knows…I wonder is this a look down the street just walked or the one that lies ahead…that is good to ponder too. wonderful shot…and saved for some background too.

  9. Yeosaph Ferguson says:

    And still no sign of the Rockies.

  10. Barb C. says:

    The long and winding Road, that leads to your heart or was it door???I think that was the way it went. Wasn’t that a Beatles song. Today is Ringo Starr 79th birthday. I wasn’t a Beatles fan.

  11. Jeff says:

    he is only 70 today.

    • Oh my Gosh! 70??? I can’t believe that. Sure doesn’t seem like it though. I saw him a few months ago on Late Night with Jimmy Falon. Looking good for 70 there bro. and by the way, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…..”

      • Barb C. says:

        Dorinda, Where is Mentor. Is is up around cleveland. I lived in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for 7 years. My kids went to Hudson, Ohio schools.

        • It’s 25 miles east of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. I am about 5 blocks from Lake Erie. Very nice. Brutal winter winds across the lake though with cold wind chills sometimes. But I love living here. I do know where Hudson is. My cousin and her family live down there and it is famous for the Hudson Haunted House! I’ve heard one of the best.

  12. Jeff says:

    so that’s why the queen had to get back…get back…get back to where you once belonged…..

  13. Brent in Big D says:


    What a beautiful day.

  14. Jennifer in KY says:

    Okay, could swear there was a similar picture not too many days ago. Matt, are you recycling pics? LOL

  15. Angelica says:

    “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

  16. Karen Too says:

    Someone probably posted this already, but here it is (and a link to the entire quote):

    May the road rise to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face.
    And rains fall soft upon your fields.

  17. Scott R says:

    Purdy! :)

  18. Glenda says:

    I’ld say he’s a good 400+ miles from the Rocky Moutain Front

    • Yeosaph Ferguson says:

      Shhh, not so loud. Matt might just turn around and head on back home. By the time you cross into Eastern Montana those plains seem like they’ll never end. Been there.

    • AZ Bob says:

      For those interested in distance to the Rockies, as the crow flies, it is about 315 miles from Circle, MT to the Divide. It is about 382 miles as the New Yorker walks. Of course, the mountains will come into view about 100 miles before that, give or take.

      This is one of my favorite photos so far — I am a western boy so I love the view of the road ahead all the way to the horizon!

  19. Saun in Ohio says:

    Seven turns on the highway, Seven rivers to cross. Sometimes, you feel like you could fly away, Sometimes, you get lost. And sometimes, in the darkened night, You see the crossroad sign. (Allman Brothers)

  20. Saun in Ohio says:

    I was just wondering how many cars have you seen on this long road?

  21. Kelly from Day 102 says:

    Gorgeous pic! Not all the beautiful scenery is in Western MT . . . safe travels Matt. It was fun to meet you and I will be following your blog.

  22. I think if I were to undertake this journey I would go through the 7 stages of grief at every stretch of road like this, at least for awhile.

  23. Glenda says:

    Yep he’ll find mountains outside of Lewistown and will travel through the Little Belts on his way

  24. Joel Archer says:

    This is why they call it “Big Sky”. This is a great pic. Keep up the greatness an be safe!

  25. mojinator says:

    I Am(Matt) the Highway – Audioslave

  26. kim says:


  27. katzien in austin says:

    Why do the colors of Montana look so ‘pure?’ Like they could jump off the screen, you know? The white clouds look electric, like they are lit from within, the blues are more crystal blue, the greens are just so dang green. It’s just so unbelievably beautiful. It’s raining in Austin.

    • Don in Tennessee says:

      Katzien in Austin-

      The colors are so vivid because of all of the wide open spaces, less than development, a population of less than 1M people. Montana has the 4th largest area land mass of the 50 states!

      Hope it stays this beautiful.

    • Agreed. Less development = less pollution. Less pollution = cleaner air, cleaner skies, crisper everything. Clean air, clean living. If we only had the ability to smell through the vision here on our screen! Oh how clean it would smell ! Ah, so clear and pure.

  28. Dennis in So Cal says:

    Matt from Circle the next town you cross through is Jordan, about 66 miles away. I hope you were able to stock up on supplies. It looks like you will be on you own for a couple days.

  29. Pat in CA says:

    What a metaphor for life. . . And just over the horizon ???

  30. Laurenis says:

    AHH! THat’s so beautiful… “It’s a long hard road, but we’re gonna get there…”

  31. colleen says:

    Wow and wow and oh wow…………..ok this is NOW my favorite photo…..

  32. Ruthie of CA says:

    I’m thinking of the Song by Rascal Flatts…”Life is a Highway”

  33. JC says:

    That’s beautiful. I made it my desktop wallpaper. That is the information superhighway right there!

  34. tiffany says:

    Fantastic! I can almost breath the fresh air in this picture!

  35. 'gina says:


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