Day 104

Assumptions assumptions assumptions

July 8th, 2010


  1. Paul From Bozeman says:

    The Corps of Engineers has destroyed millions of acres of productive farm and ranch land over the past 80 years throughout Montana and the two Dakotas … boys playing with their bulldozers … Ft. Peck is an early example. Entire towns have been destroyed by these man-made lakes. Early Indian villages and cemeteries have been lost forever. But it is undoubtedly a “tremendous structure.”

    • Gayle Opie says:

      I don’t know specifically about Fort Peck, but dams in general are a way to reserve water for later use in the area for irrigation of the farm land and for human and animal consumption. Dams such as Fort Peck also generate electrical power. So our farms and ranchs and towns and cities (probably even Bozeman) are all beneficiaries of the boys playing with their bulldozers.

    • Dennis from So Cal says:

      Dams have created a lot more farms then they have erased. The development of California would not have been possible without them.

  2. That’s sad to do that. But back in the 30’s during the depression this made work for men who needed the money to survive. I’m not making excuses but it’s what I gather from watching this History Channels “America: The story of Us”. Great series, loved it. Very informational to me. It’s sad though that ancient burial grounds were destroyed there though.

    When I saw there that are 19 million acres of feet I thought wow, that’s a lotta feet. I bet the Hobo Nation could put all their feet in there to! (I know our feet is not what they mean but you know what I mean, don’tcha?)

  3. Barbara Kiviat says:

    Or do you mean presumptions?

  4. Jeff says:

    Dorinda or was it Candice…quick note my littest girl just noticed the dinosaurs from way back when it seems and directed me to them to view with a million questions. So there is tomboy hope.

    Matt you are one hour away … get running ….!!!

    • Dennis from So Cal says:

      Good one!

    • Wasn’t me, but see?? Didn’t the ladies tell you? Dinosaurs are not just for boys you know. There are female archaeologists all over this planet. Don’t have to just play with Barbie dolls now does she? Take her to a history museum and buy her some dinosaurs there(toys of course). Glad you have some hope now Jeff.

      • Candice in Alabama says:

        It was me – and I played with Barbie dolls as well. I had two brothers and I thought their activities were a lot more fun than what Mom kept trying to force on me (dress-up, lady-likeness, etc). I remember wanting to be Jonny Quest when I grew up! :)

        • Barb C. says:

          Candice in Alabama. I have 3 sisters. I grew up playing with dolls but also climbing treeetc.. I have a bunch of boy cousins so that may be why. I think girls can have the best of both worlds. When my granddaughter was 5 all she wanted for Christmas was a volcano kit. Her mother kept saying don’t you want a Barbie doll==nope a volcano kit

          • Jeff says:

            ok already. For the record…we are 15 minutes from what I think is the museaum captial of the world. You will be proud to know…when not gabbing here…we can be found at the zoo’s, museaum’s, Parks, outdoor movies and fairs….. My girls get it all. I was blessed in receiving and I am giving back to mine in the same.

            By the way if any of you journey to the Big Apple and a walk with Matt would be to much…give a email … would be happy to meet or give advice. Now back to Matt the Explorer…for spanish press 8

  5. George Broze says:

    Yep, one hour by car or 4 days by foot.

  6. Don in Tennessee says:

    In East Tenneseee we have many dams built by TVA-Tennessee Valley Authority. I agree farm land and cemetaries have been covered with water. What we get is affordable electric power, water reserves and lakes for recreation. It also helps with recruiting industry. Pluses and minuses-but our lives are made simpiler!

    Hope Matt is having a great day and that it is not 90 plus for him like it is here!

  7. Chaser1 says:

    jeff, where are you located?

    • Jeff is a Joisy guy.( Somewhere in New Jersey).

    • Jeff says:

      Chaser1 the town is West Paterson, Just changed it to Woodland Park. We are 13 miles west of NYC. North Joisey.
      In Matt terms…Matt stayed at Montclair university on night 3, that is 5 minutes or less from my home. I live the western side of Garrett Mountain and in the short distance I can actualy see a castle buidt by a Silk City magnate from the early industrial revolution days. Why you ask brother??

      • carolyn says:

        Jeff, have you been a part of Hobo nation since day 1? Were you lucky enough to come across Matt’s journey?

        • Jeff says:

          Hay Carolyn. No..I wish…that would make this all cooler. I just happen to live on the pathway he took from nyc to jersey and out. I, like most was being lazy at work and found the yahoo front page article (AP lady wrote) and have been following ever since…when I went back to the beginning I was like dang it..he had to go down the roads I walk..cause it is the only way from the college to the direction he went. Someone else thought I was related or a personal friend. I kind of feel like both. That’s my story though.

          • Terry from NJ says:

            Jeff, I live in Bergenfield, and work in Paramus. I’ve been to 49 states now, and still can’t believe I’ve never been to Lambert Castle. Funny how you tend not to visit the things that are right around you.

  8. Barb V in Michigan says:

    The sign writers assume you can make it one hour. They apparently didn’t factor in the time it takes to walk 59 miles. Matt can do it in 2-1/2 days!

  9. tim says:

    “tremendous structure” compared to what?

  10. charlie says:

    um, does no one find it odd that this sign is 60 miles away from what it is pointing out?

    • Glenda says:

      That sign is at the intesection of Hwy 20 – to Fort Peck (which by the way is the first town you’ll to none in between) – access to the lake at Nelson Creek, McQuire Creek and shoot i’m stumped) been a long day. 340 miles in 6 hours

  11. Stoner says:

    Not really …at least in Montana.

  12. Dan says:

    Stoner’s right. There aren’t a lot of roads where Matt is. If something interesting is less than (driving) an hour away, there’ll be a sign.

    • Glenda says:

      lots of roads – just not highways :) – I bet I could get most of you lost on the no name roads out there – would be a fun adventure for sure – and the scenery would change several times before we made it to Rock Springs MT on the Back roads then we could go east to Angela and Miles City or West to Cohagen and Jordan

  13. Jeff says:

    GPS Voice: Take left at next dirt road. Go 500 feet and make a right at tumble weeg crossing road, no realy at the tumble weed…crosssing the road…..

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