Day 104

The Del Gackle Ranch

July 8th, 2010

Best wheat hunting in the state!


  1. Probably a migratory path for animals is why no hunting. Or maybe the animals heard you were coming and they all hid. Better watch out for that viscous wheat Matt. You may not be able to hunt it but nothing says it can’t hunt you.

  2. Karen Too says:

    Dorinda, you forget. The animals love Matt, and always find him a welcome curiosity.

    If you Google Mr. Gackle, you find out that he is a local photographer, too, though I couldn’t find any of his photos in my quick search.

    Maybe Glenda has heard of him.

    • Glenda says:

      Yep a local photographer – takes all the high school and middle school team photos and does senior portraits. Local farmer as well

  3. katzien in austin says:

    So…whose to know if you’re hunting without permission? Man, it’s amazing out there. Pristine.

  4. Jeff says:

    Dear Sir: I seek permission to hung the vicious (not vicarious) wheat. Whilst doing so I seek permission to shoot the toy slayer….but alas he has been melted in the sweltering east heat by now.

    What a field. For amber waves of Grain!!!…..

    • Dennis from So Cal says:

      …and the purple mountain majesties are coming up!

      • Jeff says:

        Amen. I had a sit on a mountain in Colorado…at the top…look out at the world around me…and I was able to do such. The rockies beat the NYC skyline..anyday….except my last memories of the WTC towers to the far right of the sky.

        • Candice in Alabama says:

          Jeff – the WTC is a terrible memory for all the USA – I’ll never forget that morning! I was driving in to work and heard on the news that a plane had hit one of the WTC towers. What a shock! I thought “an accident”? Then as I drove into my parking space I heard that a 2nd plane had hit. I then knew “no accident”. My office was abuzz with the news of the first plane strike. I told everyone there had been a 2nd strike. No work got done, we were all glued to a small TV set that a co-worker had, watching the news. My Mother called to tell me that the 1st tower had collapsed. I couldn’t/wouldn’t believe it till the images came through on the news. All our hearts were with those suffering in NYC. Remembering it, still makes me cry.

          • Jeff says:

            If I may – I did not watch the tv until nighttime. My dad was at the Hiton in DC which is a apples throw to the capital…so we were worried about his safety. My house was 12 miles west of the area. I will remember two things..of that day. When I went to lunch and looked to the sky the plume of smoke and knowing what was not there…was just numbing. Then my whole ride home from work, and looking out the windows from my home…that smoke would not go away. We were there on Sunday before the accident…rollerblading around the area. Never looked up that day. Two days later, history. Anyhow…it is a part of America. We are celebrating it right now. We can’t go back – but we do move foward.

      • And those purple mountains are natures wonderous majesties. I couldn’t believe it how true it is, when the sun goes down, they really do turn purple in color! Anyone who hasn’t seen the Rocky Mountains, go! See them at least once in your life before you die. They are so awesome!

  5. Don in Tennessee says:

    I can se for miles, miles, miles-awesome beauty!

    Thanks for sharing Matt!

  6. tim says:

    very pretty

  7. charlie says:

    wow, sure are alot of Gackles livin’ right around each other in that state!

  8. Eden Pastora says:

    The sign is pretty obvious. The fields are littered with gopher and prairie dog towns. Varmint shooters go out and spend the day shooting rockchucks and other varmints that tear up the fields causing damage and creating hazards for livestock. (What hazards? Holes that livestock step in and break their legs.) Obviously the landowner would like anyone who wants permission to hunt there to ask for it…common courtesy since its private property. Much of Montana is like that…if you want to hunt on private property, ask.

    • Thanks Eden for the information. Not living out there one doesn’t think of those kinds of things. Glad to know there’s always someone here to help us “tourists” know what’s going on. Thanks.

    • Glenda says:

      Yes one must ask local farmers and ranchers for permssion to hunt on thier land – hunting of Deer, Antolope and fowl – it a requirement not just a curtiousy. Gophers and rockchucks aren’t found in th- pairie dogs can be found. Other varmits such as unwanted skunks, too many wild rabbits, fox and coon (racoons) need to permission too. – You wouldn’t want someone to come on to your property (small as it may or may not be and start shooting away)

  9. Angelica says:

    This reminds me of the “hunting screen” from Oregon Trail. Anyone ever play that game?

  10. mojinator says:

    … the horizon seems never-ending >.<

  11. Janine says:

    “To Whom It may Concern: Matthew Green has my permission to hunt wheat and varmints on my property. Sincerely, Del Gackle.”

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