Day 106

Bud Light

July 10th, 2010

It's clearly the beer of choice for local litterers, but there is a particularly absurd number of Bud Light cans (and bottles) lining the eastbound side of Route 200 east of Jordan.


  1. Jeff says:

    The mountain dew of Montana!!

    Perhaps there was a roadside party…and they just kept drinking and chucking them out the windows…one by one.
    You know like Hanzel and Gretle…..just the birds won’t eat the crumb trail.

  2. Lori says:


  3. wilberfan says:

    Please tell me you picked some of them up!! A perfect opportunity to de-litter the countryside!

  4. carolyn says:

    I’m sure Matt would love to help the environmental but not sure if there is room in his stroller plus the added weight would slow him down. But just imagine how much he could make by recycling and help the earth

  5. Thomas says:

    On geology field trips in college we imagined that the beer can would be the guide fossil of our age.

  6. Brenda Senne says:

    I guess its too far out for the locals to pick up. Every town HAS to have a bag lady doesn’t it?

  7. Tonia says:

    If you picked up all the cans on the side of the road & cashed them in… I wonder how much money you’d make from your trip?

  8. Craig ( NC!) says:

    Among the the beauty… there must be some ugly.
    Makes us enjoy the Beauty even more, I hope.

  9. katzien in austin says:

    This conjures up memories of the shiny blue upright Pepsi can on the side of the road, pebbles and all. Put these two images side by side for a yin yang kind of effect. Neat!

  10. Michelle says:

    It’s a part of Great Plains culture often not talked about: Throwing a 6pack-12pack or case of beer in the pickup after a hard day’s work, drinking with your buddy and driving around farm roads until the beer’s gone. Can’t think of any guy I know that doesn’t do that pretty frequently.

  11. Bev from Vancouver WA says:

    Is it still legal to have an open container except for the drive in Montana?

  12. Don in Tennessee says:

    Even Billy Carter (Jimmy’s brother) tossed his Pabst Blue Ribbon cans into the back of his pickup.

    I still have some Billy Beer! Anyone else ever had any?

  13. Dennis from So Cal says:

    Matt I think you have stumbled upon a new theory on what drove the dinosaurs into extinction.

  14. Jeff says:

    beer and Clamato….the end of us alll……sniff sniff…..

  15. Janine says:

    They serve the same purpose as the black and yellow diagonal stripes: hazard markers. Stay to the right of the Bud Light line.

  16. Janine says:

    Oops, I mean left. Perhaps I should stop contributing to the hazard marker.

  17. Mike Weepie says:

    In a country with 1500 breweries, it’s sad that so many people drink this swill. Life is too short for bad beer.

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