Day 109

This name conjures up such lovely images

July 13th, 2010


  1. MN Roxanne says:

    The image I conjure isn’t a beauty… I can see you smiling though as you take this photo coming up with the title…

  2. Candice in Alabama says:

    How about the Gulf of Petrolia? That’s what it makes me think of – Is BP’s new cap working – must go check the news!

  3. Don in Tennessee says:

    Check out the new and modern “facilities” at this place. And do not give me any crap about this article!

    Looks like a fisherman’s paradise to me!

    • Jim in AR via MN says:

      Kinda reminds me of traveling through New Mexico on the interstate…rest stops with “elegant” outhouses…multiple holers…and my fairly young daughter-in-law…who I know believes God created the earth with flush toilets…she assured us that there was something “down there”…she could “feel” the breeze coming up…she said, “I’ll hold it.”…she did!!!…

      Oh, and…she still believes God created the world with flush toilets…but probably He did not create New Mexico…

  4. Dennis in So Cal says:

    Wow…call the papers we finally got an outhouse. The should have cut a crescent moon window in the door. Petroleum County is going to go nuts when they finally get indoor plumbing. LMAO!

    • Don in Tennessee says:

      Dennis in So Cal- Are you close to Pasadena? Have ole college friend their.

      A good one.

      Gives a whole new meaning to toliet water!

      Hope they have the new fall Sears catalog to criuse thru!

  5. Jeff says:

    Alot of Petroleum comes from Amazingly Large Lakes in Venezuela.

  6. Cindy in Lewistown Montana says:

    The fishing sucks too!! LOL Try and try again………..but never catch a thing! Unless bug bites count! LOL

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