Day 110

An old standard

July 14th, 2010

While not as popular as its alcoholic counterparts on the Montana roadside, Mountain Dew still makes its presence felt. The can you see pictured is the most bizarre store-brand version I've seen: Mountain Maze. It doesn't sound refreshing; it just sounds confusing.


  1. Karen Too says:

    I’d never heard of this soda, so I Googled it. It’s a generic brand sold at Albertson’s stores.

    There seem to be quite a few Mountain Dew clones:

  2. Lori in NC says:

    Store brand soda names crack me up. My favorite is “Dr. Perky” (Dr. Pepper)

  3. katzien in austin says:

    I like the ‘fractal’ looking lines of the dried grass.

    • Jim in AR via MN says:

      Could this be…the proverbial switchgrass…that holds the answer to all of our problems…you know, biomass…ethanol???…maybe not…

  4. Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

    We have Mt. Lion here in NC at the Food Lion stores. Their brand! Tastes pretty good too!

    • Kevin from NC says:

      Yes, Mt. Lion is good, as is the Dollar General Mt. Explosion. I recently bought some Mountain Dew retro, made with real sugar instead of corn syrup and with a politically incorrect hillbilly on the label, like in the old days. I didn’t feel guilty drinking it.

      • Karen Too says:

        The sugar is probably better for you than the corn syrup.

        I remember when the cans had the hillbilly pictures on them. Are you sure it wasn’t an original can that had survived this long? Seems that stuff could survive just about anything!

        • Glenda says:

          I see the alboertson’s on the top of the can and it doesn’t look like the throwback cans – definately Albertsons spin

        • Pepsi brought back the “retro” Mountian Dew with real sugar this past year. My son loves it but so far we’ve only found it in the 20 oz. bottles. He says it’s much better than the corn syrup stuff.

          • Ron says:

            Hey Dorinda,

            They were selling it in 12 packs of 12 ounce cans here in Cali, along with Dr. Pepper and Pepsi. I purchased the latter two, but not the Dew. (Never really been a fan of the Dew.) The other two were pretty tasty, but still pretty close to the corn syrup stuff. I did a taste test, where one glass had sugar Pepsi, the other corn syrup Pepsi, and the third half and half. The person couldn’t tell the difference between the three!

  5. Jeff says:

    Mountain Maze…is like Corn Soda? I’m lost…(get it) Maze…lost in the maze….
    ……sorry….had too

  6. Angelica says:

    Taste the craze of Mountain Maze!

  7. Cindy in Lewistown Montana says:

    Mountain Maze as sold at Albertson’s Grocery Stores until recently. Now it sells Mountain Chill. Dr. Chill is the same as Dr. Pepper.

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