Day 110

The tent gets a rest

July 14th, 2010

Last night I had a nice break from my week of roadside camping. These guys had heard about me through the local grapevine, and already knew who I was when I came a-knockin'. They were very generous hosts, offering me hot meals, a much-needed shower, and a bed in their camper (where I watched an old Rush concert on VHS while falling asleep).

From left to right: Martha, Brandon (holding Dixie), Tom, Tobia


  1. Christine says:

    What a great family! Truly wonderful people in this world. I am glad you had a shower, hot meal and comfy sleep to some great tunes. I am sure it was much needed. Walk on and take some more breaks!

  2. Karen Too says:

    Kudos to another family for giving you shelter, comfort, and food.

  3. Mom says:

    Thank you for your kindness to our son!

    • Stoner says:

      I always get chocked up when I see a post from you, Mom…I can not even imagine how you cope with Matt’s journey. I love what he is doing and all that he shares with us, but as a mom, it would be so hard to trust that he will be safe….

  4. Candice in Alabama says:

    Brandon has such a mischievous smile!

  5. KelA says:

    So glad that you got a break from your tent…and you got to watch RUSH on VHS! What a night… :-)

    Glad that you had a great evening and if you are in Columbus, OH towards the end of August Rush will be in town…that is where I will be!!!

  6. Cathy S says:

    gosh, they are beautiful!

  7. katzien in austin says:

    Dixie….in Montana. The irony! ;-) What a nice family, and the grapevine is alive and well…even if the cell towers are few and far between.

  8. Barb V from Michigan says:

    Today’s Tom Sawyer: “Modern Warrior, mean mean stride…. maybe his skies are wide…” Seems appropriate.

  9. Barb V from Michigan says:

    Today’s Tom Sawyer: “A modern day warrior, mean mean stride… maybe as his skies are wide.”

  10. Barb V from Michigan says:

    Oops, sorry for the double-posting – my computer “glitched” as I was posting the first time and I thought it failed. Where’s that delete button when you need one?

    • Dennis in So Cal says:

      Awesome reference. Matt is today’s Tom Sawyer! The raft has been morphed into a mutant baby stroller.

      • Michael in Atlanta says:

        with no mutant baby. ROFL
        sorry. i’m twisted

        • Jeff says:

          Yea modern Tom Sawyer. Can you imagine listening to Rush…looking out the camper windows… about a natural high. Good call Barb in Michigan.

  11. Oye! says:

    Thanks to Martha, Brandon, Tom, Tobia! You are the people that make our Country Great!

  12. Lauren Cuz says:

    Was Rush slappin da bass mon? (I hope you’ve seen I Love You Man)

  13. Josh says:

    Rush on VHS!
    These guys are my heros!

    (Not kidding, btw)

  14. April from CA says:

    Ah! It’s good to see some friendly folks in the pictures again. Of course, the nature pics are gorgeous, but it does my heart good to see the faces of generosity as well! A welcome break from the lonely road…

  15. Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

    I can’t imagine how rustic life must be out in the middle of nowhere like that. I live in a mini metropolis compared to the towns up there! (I was also overwhelmed when I visited New York City)! Oh I wonder if Matt ever misses the Big Apple……… somedays when you can just walk outside and get a great slice of pizza or hot dog on the street or take in a show for entertainment! Well, this will be a trip he will never forget!

  16. kim says:


  17. Jeff says:

    Chaser 1 was this your doing ? Just wondering…Tobia I gave you all the credit…but your whole family deserves it… America at it’s finest once again. thank you and awesome selection of Tapes. “there is trouble in the forests…..”.

    • Tobia W says:

      what do u mean by you give me all the credit?? haha :)

      • Jeff says:

        see picture post…before this one. Your family is great. You are rock stars throughout our Hobo Nation! Three cheers for Tobia and her family….let me hear it loud……..Hip Hip……….

  18. Tobia W says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys! we enjoyed havin matt at our house!! :D he was a great guest, and will never be forgotten :D

  19. Aww..Dixie isn’t looking. Did she get camera shy? She must have been so excited by the moment she looked away right as you took the pic. Great family that took you in. Glad you got some much needed rest in an actual bed. Hope you get some more rest days like that. You need it.

  20. Jim in AR via MN says:

    So I take it…that wasn’t “Rush” Limbaugh on the VHS???…just wondering…

  21. Chip in PA says:

    Hi Matt, This is my first comment but I have been following your fantastic journey from the start. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your journey with everyone in the hobo nation. The beauty in America – off the beaten path has been wonderful to see. And a special THANKS goes out to all of the families that have taken you in along the way as well as the individuals that have “given you refreshments” to keep you fueled up. Looking forward to your next post…… stay safe out there.

  22. Craig ( NC!) says:

    Hook me up with this family.
    Man Rush….. I saw them on the Hold Your Fire Tour.
    Matt what was the VHS you watched?

  23. Don in Tennessee says:

    Martha, Brandon, Dixie, Tom and Tobia-

    Thanks for sharing you place with Matt and seeing that he got a shower and food. You look like a wonderful family. I like your dog and its’ name.

    Oh I wish was in the land of cotton
    old times there are not forgotten
    look away, look away, look away,Dixie-land!

  24. Richard says:

    Great news about the Rush video! Like the lotus, they blossom again and again.

  25. Joel H says:

    Rush, a very fitting piece of soundtrack to your journey.

  26. Matt from Canada says:

    Rush Rocks!!

  27. Janine says:

    Thank you Martha, Tom, Tobia, Brandon and Dixie for taking care of Our Matt!

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