Day 114

Best road name so far?

July 18th, 2010


  1. Karen Too says:

    It’s for the dry wolf.

  2. Don in Tennessee says:

    OH my goodness-the Value Added Tax is already in Montana. Who would of thunk-Just DIP in your pockets and gives us all your dang greenbacks! If you have any of them ther Tannr Quarters then give them up also!

    Your in the WILD WILD WEST!!!

  3. As long as it’s a vat of dark chocolate, dip away! Yeah!

    • Don in Tennessee says:

      Dorinda from Mentor, OH

      I am with you on the dark chocolate-I have to have my CHOCOLATE FIX everyday!

      • Oh yeah, I hear ya! But dark chocolate and your Yuengling? (whatever that is) ? I wouldn’t think mixing dark chocolate and any form of alcohol would taste good. But dark chocolate alone, OH HECK YEAH !!!! Dark chocolate m&m’s are my latest thing. And chocolate dipped fruit is the best. now I’m wanting some. Oh heck Don look what we started now.

        • Jeff says:

          Dark Chocolate and Red wine…..yum yum…and throw in some strawberries….and cheese on the side.
          Break time Matt…..time to re-energize.

  4. AZ Bob says:

    I’ll wager the “dip” is for SHEEP!

  5. I just knew I heard Matt’s site calling me from the other room. Had to come in here and check and sure ‘nough there’s new pics! Hey Jeff, my “psychic powers” must be on. I get that every now and then. I heard the call of the wild and came a runnin’! lol.

  6. Jeff says:

    oh the wild dipping vatt. I am laughing on that one. Alll I could think of was Strawberries and Chocalate or some kind of cheese fondue. This sign would make me hungry. the wife comes home today so I am gonna have some extra viewing time today. luck no updates. Promise you a email on the otherside today.
    probably when I feel like slacking from work. I am searching for the last family reunion shot.

  7. DawninIL says:

    That is an interesting name for a road/street. Matt you are inspiration to others. I hope you realize that you are give all of us an education about things that especially in my case, I would not have known about. Keep on walking!!!

  8. This is old homesteader country. The names of places were named way back, probably for something nonexistant today or someone who developed the land for a use. In Lewistown, we have “Janeaux” street, pronounced “Juno”, etc…

  9. Chris says:

    Makes you kind of wonder who comes up with these names…

  10. Don in Tennessee says:

    On 2nd thought-

    Maybe they have dipping vats on this road for deep frying the bull testicles for the festivals they have!!!

    NO BULL!

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