Day 117

More costume shop

July 21st, 2010

"Hooterville High" is what that says.


  1. Barb V from Michigan says:

    I’m particularly drawn to that sexy red thong with the black skirt. A must-have fashion combo in every woman’s closet.

    (Again, with the first comment! I’m on a roll!)

  2. Oh gosh. And to think there are women out there who actually DRESS like that and think it’s sexy!

    • Don in Tennessee says:

      Dorinda from Mentor, Oh

      If you want to see people dressed like this just go to WalMart any time of any day. When I want a good picker upper – go to Walmart and do some gawking and talking – beats Prozac any day.

  3. Pacis says:

    Looks like a “normal” party here in San Fran…..ought to see the “wild” ones.

  4. Lois says:

    This looks like the “Plus-size” section of the display….otherwise I don’t know what’s in the water at “Hooterville High”.

  5. Jeff says:

    ummmmmm just thinking to myself. Thanks for the tour matt….have some asphalt you need to be checking out…..Vamoose….

    • Michael in Atlanta says:

      I’m thinking Matt broke down and bought some Beer and Clamato (ugh) and is now slinking around the wrong side of town. I’m with Jeff. Vamoose. If you hang around, we respectfully request you buy a costume, don it (not Don in Tenneesee..just put iton), and take a photo and post it.

      • Jeff says:

        we got to just let this clamato beer thing rest. I wonder if the dried plum prunes make him do it……….I am gonna …you know….ahhhhhh yuck……

        Walking to the alley right now…..

      • Don in Tennessee says:

        Michael in Atlanta

        Don’t try and make me a drag queen. My wife might not like that.

        I am always having people tell me my wife is pretty (YES- I am a lucky guy) and I say you mean pretty ugly-no I don’t say that.

        What I do say is my wife has cataracts and I will not let her have surgery! Always get a good laugh.

  6. katzien in austin says:

    This is the “full figured” section, yes?? Big gals can be slutty too. ;-)

  7. Candice In Alabama says:

    Hey – Matt’s already wearing a costume! It’s his “I’m Just Walkin'” costume! (Go back a LOT of days and check out his “unstuck brim” hat photo. :)

  8. deanna valenti meyer says:

    Whoa man…look at the gazongas on those things! :)

    Matt…you MUST be high on Bud & Clamato…time to walk that off now…

  9. Don in Tennessee says:

    Matt probably did not give a HOOT about this wender (spelling is correct) display. He probably went to the local HOOTERS and had a cold mug or 2 of his favorite adult beverage.

    Matt would you purchase the outfit in the middle? I want to purchase this for my wife. We have another anniversary Ocotber 18th and I thunk (again OK) this would make er plum pretty!. She would also HOOT at me!

    Matt- sure you are not in New Orleans?

  10. Marshall in RVA says:

    Honey, Does this outfit make me look fat? No dear, your fat makes you look fat.

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