Day 119

Continental Divide, here I come!

July 23rd, 2010

While this will hardly be the first major drainage divide I've crossed on this walk, it will certainly be the most dramatic. At an elevation of 5610 feet, Rogers Pass should literally be the high point of the entire trip.


  1. Craig ( NC!) says:

    elevation of 5610 feet……… phew!

  2. Karla Batten says:


  3. John in MI says:

    Matt, you may not be as far geographically as you can get from New York City…but you ARE as far as you can get from NYC.

  4. kim says:

    Still thinking of you. You are just incredible. Careful of the bears and thin air…

  5. Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

    THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL THESE MONTHS! I have never been further west than Knoxville Tennessee. Always wanted to see this part of the country. BEEAAUUTTIFFUULLLLLLLLL!!!!!

    • deanna valenti meyer says:

      It’s amazing, isn’t it Lisa? Hopefully you’ll be able to go on a road trip (or vacation of some kind) out West to see all of the beautiful places. Tennessee is beautiful (just visited that state this past winter).

      Thanks Matt for the GORGEOUS views!! I definitely look forward to more.

  6. Dennis in So Cal says:

    Have a good climb Matt. We are looking forward to your photos of the Rockies.

  7. Nancy says:

    Beautiful picture Matt. But please stay on the other side of the white line when taking pictures! (It’s the mom in me…)

  8. Saun in Ohio says:

    awesome, hang in there be safe :)

  9. Don’t forget you have the cascade ahead of you!!!! But It’s so neat to see this area from a foot path perspective!

  10. Gigi says:

    What a great picture .. majestic mountains! Have a safe climb Matt!

  11. charlie says:

    i have to say, sir, that thanks to you primarily for the sight(s) and to all the others here on the blog for the comments and observations and weblinks and wiki education pieces, that i have so far learned so very much about this great country of ours, it’s majesty, it’s quirks, it’s peoples along the way, it’s roadways, it’s back roads, my gosh i could go on and on and on about it all and just want to tell you how very grateful i am for you putting it all together and putting it all into place, one step at a time, Matt. thank you. thank you so much! what a joy this has been so far, and i am so looking forward to so much more from you (no pressure there, eh?). i would hope that some of the others of this ‘hobo nation’ feel the same way too. and if you ever get around to escalating this up to a level of presentation to the general public with slide shows, sponsors from city to city, geographically arranged by territorry passed thru, well i’d be glad to be a part of that phase, mighty proud to be part of that phase. just let me know how i can be of service to you. glad to oblige.

  12. Lori in Ohio says:

    Hey Matt, Slow down because there are alot of us who are going to go thru Hobo Nation withdrawls when you get to the end. You are my high point of the day during my computer time.

  13. Woo hoo! Way to go Matt. You’re really getting up there now. Breathe deep and take it all in. Lovin’ the pics here. Nice shot of the cart in with the mountain view. Still drying those socks eh?

  14. Karen Too says:

    Amazing view.

    Consider the history your feet have touched on this journey, Matt, while making history yourself along the way.

  15. Steward's Inquiry says:

    And it’s down to the Photo Finish. And Longchamps Pushcart takes it over Continental Drift, by… by… an eighth of an inch!
    Now it’s downhill all the way to the Champs-Élysées for our thoroughbred.

  16. Candice in Alabama says:

    Matt – I see that you are traveling very quickly. Please stay safe and enjoy. Be careful of traffic coming around those bends. The shoulders look very narrow.

  17. Matt in WY says:

    Hey Matt. Keep on cruisin! I had to weigh in on this one since your “highest point” is just slightly higher (about 1000 ft. higher) than where I live. You get used to the elevation being greater than the population of most towns in the mountain west…

  18. Barb V from Michigan says:

    You’ve seen & shared some amazing sights with us, Matt! Thank you! I somehow have the feeling this last part of your walk is going to be your best reward yet. I look forward to seeing this part of America through your eyes. My prayers are with you for a safe completion of your journey. Walk on!

  19. Janine says:

    Ooooo preeeeeeeetty!

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