Day 119

The Dearborn River

July 23rd, 2010

Time for a (short) bath.


  1. Peter says:

    looks refreshing, enjoy!

  2. Candice In Alabama says:

    Was the water cold?

  3. SigNY says:

    The water is probably cool but I bet it felt great!

  4. Candice In Alabama says:

    Is that a bear I see over in the woods? Just kidding Matt!

  5. Karen Too says:

    What a welcoming sight, and a beautiful photo.

    No doubt that was one invigorating bath!

  6. Jeff says:

    Rubber duckey your so fine…..Hay bert….Matt is takin a bath too.

  7. Candice In Alabama says:

    Look like Matt could possibly pass that weather tower camera at Rogers Pass, MT, today. Ya’ll keep an eye out for him!

  8. Dave in TN says:

    Matt: I can’t wait for more scenic pics of the Rockies. I’ve been following you since PA and have marveled at the generosity of the people you’ve met along your walk. Love the signs, odd items and scenic pics….keep up the trek….keep watching out for critters….and God’s speed to your journey. Dave H

  9. Don in Tennessee says:

    Looks inviting but I can almost guarantee that the water was chilly but invigorating. Did you use biodegradable soap? I have no doubt that you did-just based on what I have learned about you on this HOBO JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME.

    What a great clean looking body of water. No MATT not your body the water’s body. I guess that was a little watered down!

  10. Jim in AR via MN says:

    Does that “run” clear or what???…all of the streams in the West seem to run so clear…I suppose it runs over rock mostly…maybe it is so “near” the source???…a little different from the Arkansas here in Little Rock…or the good ol’ Mississippi…but at their source…clear as a bell…at least the Mississippi is…our family swam from Lake Itasca (it’s source) for a bit and down the Mississippi…clear and cold…I assume Matt is having the same experience here…

    Don’t know the Dearborn River…seems that should be near Detroit…

    • deanna valenti meyer says:

      Jim…our streams, rivers, etc. here in the Pac NW-ish area pretty much run clear all the time (if you don’t look at the Willamette River in Portland…YUCK!). I think it’s because of the snow packs, the way the water runs, etc.

  11. Don in Tennessee says:


    I forgot to ask…. did you see any DEAR BORN while taking your short bubble bath? Did any adult deer try to horn in on you during your public demonstration?

  12. Lori says:

    Looks like he’s not quite to the Rogers Pass webcam yet, possibly another 10-15 miles, but he could be father than I think. Would likely be passing there today or tomorrow. I posted a link to the webcam on Matt’s “Rockies await” photo yesterday.

    • Candice In Alabama says:

      Thanks Lori – I kept looking at Google Maps and the distance from the Dearborn River to the camera. As fast as Matt seems to travel, I thought he might pass the camera today. If he does, I hope one of his followers might spot him. My poor old eyes are worn out!

  13. Michael in Atlanta says:

    careful of piranha, Matt

  14. This is a beautiful shot. You certainly can tell you’re out west now. Did you pan for gold while you bathed?

  15. OMG was it cold? We had so much snow pack this year that I bet theres still a lot of melt going into it! Enjoy your time in the Rockies!

  16. Craig ( NC!) says:

    ………and a river runs through it.

  17. Marie says:

    You must love seeing green trees and great rivers now, not just flat flat land, with the odd building here and there, Yes your going to love the walk now, Enjoy your bath, as its hot here and bet that was so cooling,

  18. Shannon says:

    That water looks really refreshing!

  19. Kevin from NC says:

    I would bet any $ that the water temp was in the 60’s, having waded in a few Montana rivers years ago. Brrrrrrr but very invigorating. Most of the times I’d swim in Lake Michigan as a kid even in August the water temp would be just close to 70 on a good day. Didn’t bother me then, but now I can barely put my foot in. Ccccccccccold.

  20. jerry's kid says:

    Just watch out for giardia! All waterways in California should be considered contaminated with giardia from livestock. I am sure that Montana would be the same. It will put those chocolate covered plums to shame. As I recall Matt listed water filtration system in his supply list.

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