Day 122

I could have spent the night in this teepee

July 26th, 2010

For five bucks! What am I, made of money?


  1. Jeff says:

    When your all done with this – you might just be…..You need a agent. And I am not thinking…99.

  2. andrea says:

    yeah, that’s how the other half lives, Matt :)

  3. John in MI says:

    For just $5 you get real wilderness experience…heck it’s a full 100 feet from the gas pumps. It’s all about location, location, location.

  4. young says:

    I am the great Mattholio i dont need T.P. for my bumhole!

  5. Chris says:

    It might be a 5-star upgrade to your normal tent, though… Not to mention you could say that you actually stayed in a tee-pee once in your life!

  6. Candice In Alabama says:

    Matt – how could you pass up this opportunity?!?!?

  7. Karen Too says:

    Very cool. Hmm…maybe I’ll put one of these in my yard here. Makes a pleasant, unusual change from these:

  8. deanna valenti meyer says:

    Oh my!! That’s high rent for something like that! :)

    Karen…what in the world? Do you have a ton of those things all around you?

    • Karen Too says:

      Not at all. In fact, I can’t see any of my neighbors. At night, I might see a glimmer of a window light through the trees, but that is all.

      I’m in the Catskill mountains, with a yard full of pine trees, other greenery, and mountains. I’m just saying that if I wanted another kind of shade in my yard, I might opt for something other than a more typical manmade canopy. (I pulled that picture off the Web as a random sample.)

      Pictures of where I live:

      • deanna valenti meyer says:

        Wow Karen….just gorgeous! Looks a lot like it does around here (in the Vancouver, WA area). I live right by a creek and Greenbelt….and if you go north a bit farther…it looks a lot like the open spaces in those pictures! NICE!!!

      • Don in Tennessee says:

        KAREN TOO-

        Thanks for sharing. That is a part of NEW YORK I have not seen. I know I have missed the best part but New York City is neat for a country guy from Maryville, TN.

        Saw Ellis Island a few years ago for the second time. My 2 brothers and sister had our our grandparents names (our mothers parents) inscribed on a wall when Ellis Island was revamped. I was able to see their names and it was very touching. I even have my grandfathers original Immigration Papers where he was made a U. S. Citizen. They came to America from England in 1909 and settled in RI where my mother was born.

        • Karen Too says:

          Sounds lovely, Deanna. I’ll look it up online.

          Don, will look up Maryville, as well. I have friends in Eastern Tennessee.

          NYC is a fun place to visit; I lived in Manhattan for a long time, and loved it until it changed too much for my liking. Maybe next time you visit, you can see other parts of the state.

          Great story about Ellis Island.

      • Donna in Texas says:

        Love the pics Karen Too. My sister lives in Clyde, a small town on the Erie Canal between Rochester and Syracuse and my niece and her children live in the Albany area. The mountains are beautiful and I so wish I could get back up this year for a visit, but it’ll have to wait until next year. I might need to travel south from Albany to see some of the sights in these pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Don in Tennessee says:


    I can not believe you are SQUAW ING about paying $5.00 for a stay in a TEE PEE! You weren’t afraid of getting scalped-after all it takes a lot of pelts to make $5.00. One thing for sure-those Injuns will SHOOT YOU STRAIGHT AS AN ARROW!

    This SQUAW could have given you another haricut or is it scalping-see what you missed!!!

    Here are the facts about teepees and other such dwellings!

  10. Don really, sometimes you go a little to far with your word play. Don’t you think this could be a little insulting to native Americans? I know it’s said in fun and humor, but sometimes, it’s not funny.

    • Don in Tennessee says:

      I am not trying to insult anyone but just trying to have fun. I have a very dry sense of humor as you can tell. We all need to lighten up a little and be able to laugh at ourselves. I have even made remarks about myself.

      I know Native Americans were mistreated terribly.

      If I offended you-I apologize!

  11. Why aren’t you made of money Matt? Your last name is Green after all and money is green. So….

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