Day 122

Newly renovated!

July 26th, 2010


  1. Michael in Atlanta says:

    Haunting. The reason I don’t take many picutres is that I don’t have this kind of vision. You have the touch, Matt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Donna in Texas says:

    For sale – Great starter home… So reads the realtors add in the paper. LOL

  3. Neat little find out in the country. Wonder who lived there oh so long ago. What a story could be told. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    • Donna in Texas says:

      I looks like an old one room school, like they had on “Little House on the Prarie” to me. My ex went to one similiar in Wisconsin. I didn’t think there were any of those left in the latter half of the 20th century until he took me by it.

      • Donna in Texas says:

        It not I

      • Candice In Alabama says:

        Donna – you took the words right out of my mouth – My first thought – it looks like an old one room schoolhouse!

        • Lois says:

          I agree. When I was a kid, our family rented a renovated 1 room schoolhouse near Stroudsburg, PA; complete with potbellied stove in the center. This looks just like it.

  4. Don in Tennessee says:


    This looks like a small country church building to me. You know like the the one in the Wildwood!!!!v=4I9GdAtvwx0&feature=related

    Another great photo of the great Wild West!

    • Candice In Alabama says:

      Don – don’t we see fences like that in Cades Cover – or am I dreaming? or misremembering…???

      • Don in Tennessee says:


        You are so correct about the fences in Cades Cove. These are referred to as RAIL FENCES. Did you know Cades Cove would be the 4th visited Park if it was a separate Park and not part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park-which by the way is the most visited National Park in the U. S.-and the only Park which DOES NOT CHARGE A FEE TO ENTER! I go all the time. Was their last week twice.


        The 11 mile road around Cades Cove was repaved this spring. The first time since the 70’s. You might ewant to come back and check it out!

        Glad you pointed this out.

  5. Dan says:

    An old one room schoolhouse. There are still plenty standing on the plains. The tiny entryway is the giveaway.

    • Don in Tennessee says:


      I can see the school also. I will refer to your school house since you seem to know about the Plains. I sure am not an expert on ther Plains.

      • Dan says:

        And I am so not an expert on Tennessee. Except that it is gorgeous state in the springtime, when the Redbuds are in bloom. I’ve driven through three times – all in the spring.

      • Glenda says:

        Yep – I would guess school house too and yes there are still one room school houses like this still in use in many parts of Montana – in fact one in Eastern Mt had some fire damage so the kids met in the home of my Great Aunt (the Great Grama of a couple of the kids) while it was being repaired. The kids loved it as the got fresh baked goodies for lunch to go with thier cold lunches. She lived in the basement of the house and they used the unfinished part of the upstairs for thier class room.

  6. Don in Tennessee says:


    You will see the same fences on the first old home (Oliver) on this attached information!

    CADES COVE LOOP ROAD is 11 Miles in length and is a one way road in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. When I ran marathons I would run this often as a training run with good hills. You see black bears, wild turkey, deer, maybe an elk if lucky and other critters.

    If you ever visit this Park this is a must see. I will warn you that you need to go early in the morning to avoid gawkers and a line of cars. You also see more wildlife in early AM.

    I live about an hour to an 1 and 15 mins. from Cades Cove.


    • Donna says:

      I’ve ridden bikes around Cades Cove a few times. It is beautiful and a lot of work. :) Bicycles….not motorcycles.

  7. Dan says:

    I had and maintained a fence like this, once. (around my three acres in MT). The reason was that the ground was so rocky that you could not dig a hole for a fencepost.

  8. TJ says:

    That building looks like it may have hosted a few McGuffey Readers for a time.

    You’re into the gold now, Matt!

    • young says:

      Indeed TJ! Where are those once bright-eyed McGuffey Readers’ readers now is a more enticing mystery. Can you just imagine the howling winds and lonely little one room school house calling for memories of happy chatters and shuffling little feet?

  9. Jeff says:

    Picture postcard perfect. Matt yu do hav a new calling when this is done. I am heading to see the wonderful picture of the hawk – you and your droid just took too. Great shots bro.

  10. Saun in Ohio says:

    Love the pic Matt.. Don I’ve been to Cade Coves love it we drove around it 3 or more times. We did see some bears in the trees and deers walking in the woods. Awesome place

  11. Harriette Scherer says:

    Yes, it is a one room country school house. One teacher, eight grades. I attended one just like this in NE MT.
    Thanks for the memories… The out houses are gone, however…….Stay safe Harriette

  12. Shannon says:

    Images like this always put a chill down my spine. I can imagine what it must have been like back in its day, and the people in and around it. Michael is so right, very haunting.

  13. scott mac says:

    Church or school house are both good possibilities. With Montana winters you would expect a chimney. If a church, you would expect a steeple of some sort and maybe a small grave yard. For either it would be more believable if it were more centrally located – I don’t see any signs of a settlement but they could be out of the picture.
    I agree with the split rail fence reasoning, but if the ground was that stone laden it would have supplied the material for the chimney.
    Seems to me the ground was cleared for grazing, hence the fences – crops don’t wander off. Assuming the view is from the road, why no indication of a path.
    Also no sign of a water supply (maybe a well out back, but away from the outhouse?))
    I’m leaning more to a farm/ranch support structure, maybe an early stage homestead.
    One room school houses and small churches are high on the list for preservation projects – this site is behind the curve on that idea. Sorry to cloud up the fantasies of other writers, just my pre coffee observations.

  14. Robert says:

    Should have walked up to it and peeked through the window.

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