Day 123

Not the friendliest road I’ve traveled

July 27th, 2010


  1. Saun in Ohio says:

    That’s probably worse then the rumble strips….

  2. Saun in Ohio says:

    Is anybody else having a problem when you click on the picture? Sometimes it says page not found then shows some guys walking. Whats up with that? Wow I think I was first ha ha…. :)

  3. Paul says:

    May I suggest that we all need to get organized … Matt’s going to be on the Oregon coast before we know it … we should organize to greet him and celebrate his great feat … but we need to coordinate our thinking/plans … I’m willing to be a clearinghouse at … or will happily support someone else who would like to do this … let’s get this together!


    • Some is taken care of already. Rockaway has been notified and they are expecting him. His family will be there as others from here will be too. If you’d like you can contact the chamber of commerce in Rockaway Beach, OR and see what they’ve got going on. But I know they’ve been contacted. And doesn’t mean that you still can’t do something. Good luck.

      • deanna valenti meyer says:

        I just talked to my husband and he is all for being there when Matt gets to Rockaway. I guess it depends on his arrival date. Rockaway is probably about an hour & a half from my house, so a relatively quick trip. :) I’ll e-mail you Paul and we’ll see how this goes.

  4. Andrew in VT says:

    On the plus side, there’s probably not a lot of traffic here…

  5. Amanda in WA says:

    Looks like the roads we would run barefoot as kids! Ah, good times!

  6. Pretty bumpy there huh. Makes it hard to push the cart on something like that. Hope it didn’t go on too long for you.

  7. Jeff says:

    bumpity bump bump over the hills we go….bumpity bump bump…..

  8. Don in Tennessee says:

    This kind of road will slow Matt down.

    I will call Washington DC tomorrow and talk to the ROAD CZAR to see if we can get some some STIMULUS money sent over tomorrow so we can get the roads patched for Matt. This is unacceptable under any terms.

    Can’t be fun for Matt with these kind of road condtions!

    • Megan in Great Falls MT says:

      Nothing wrong with slowing down every now and then :) I plan on doing a little slowing down myself this weekend on roads just as bad or worse. They keep the rif-raf and weekend warriors in their monster rv’s out of the good spots!

  9. MN Roxanne says:

    All those rocks makes for hard walking and pushing… you really had to be careful not to trip…. so extra lifting of the feet…. more work for your body… like I said before a rest day soon…

  10. Candice in Alabama says:

    That’s why they call them the “Rockies”.

  11. Holli says:

    The first thing I saw was a heart, made by that large rock…


  12. John in MI says:

    Heck, this is how half of the interstates look in Michigan.

    • Don in Tennessee says:


      Come to TN. Our interstates are rated in the top 3 of the nation. Maybe because 75 and 40 both cross through our state. In fact 75 and 40 converge in Knoxville less than 25 miles from where I live. A lot of truck traffic.

      MI has been hit about as hard as any state economically. It has to be tough their now.

      Good luck to you.


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