Day 124

A mountain spring

July 28th, 2010

St. Ignatius's water supply is contaminated with E. coli, but this spring a few miles outside town runs clean and cold, straight out of the mountain. I would have missed it if it weren't for a couple of locals filling up water bottles here.


  1. Amanda in WA says:

    Love it! We used to make my parents stop at a spring like this one every time we went to my grandparents house! The water was always so good!

  2. Jeff says:

    but it does look like the water is coming out of a pvc pipe. hmmm..this is cool. Many a person makes a garden pond to look just like this. Drink only the best water Matt….don’t need the runs…this is a walking adventure after all.

    • Jeff don’t you know mountains grow with pvc pipe coming out of them? with spring water running through it? My whatever will we do with you! ha ha.
      I often wonder too how and who puts the pipes in these hillsides. Especially because they seem to be off the beaten path and sticking out of a rock. I’ve been to one here but it’s been a long time ago. Don’t know who does it but I bet it’s the fairies that live in the forests.

  3. Don in Tennessee says:

    Nothing like good cold spring water. It is so refreshing but was it 99.9% pure? Only your local creamatory owner knows for sure. Must be OK because I do not see any rental storage buildings for the ashes.

    You do have to be careful with these springs but the locals always know if they are safe – they are still alive after drinking it so GO FOR IT!

  4. MN Roxanne says:

    ummmm…. fresh spring water…. glad you didn’t miss it.

  5. Is the bottle in the weeds there so one can get a drink if they don’t have a bottle? lol. Must be nice to get fresh spring water. Hope it’s safe and delicious.

  6. Lydia says:

    You haven’t tasted fantastic water until you get to Paradise. Just a few more miles down the road from where you are now. WOW! Comes from a high mountain lake that they say has gold in the bottom (or so the locals tell it.) Best water. Enjoy!

  7. Janine says:

    Yummy. Now I’m thirsty. *L*

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