Day 126

Here it is one more time

July 30th, 2010


  1. Marshall in RVA says:

    I score a Hat Trick.

  2. Lori says:

    Matt, I can’t believe how fast you are going! Almost to Thompson Falls already… geez! Any bighorn sheep grazing yet? Great food in T. Falls — “Thompson Falls Grill” and very friendly owners. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a welcoming committee for you in town.

  3. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Oh WOW! I LOVE this. I love the colors in the landscape, the blue waters, the rails, the mountains, just all of it. Fantastic! Mother Nature spared no expense on this one.
    Is that another Island? I want that one too! he he.

  4. Christine says:

    This place is awesome, it is why i want to go back.

  5. Rolo from Chicago says:

    This pic is a nice reason why I want to see the West. Never seen such natural beauty – stuck here in the Midwest… Good luck on your journey Matt – keep up the amazing trek.

  6. Gigi says:

    It’s so peaceful out there. The mountains look so blue in the distance. Another great pic!

  7. Terry and Janice from Missoula, Mt says:

    Awesome photo Matt. There are frequently Bald Eagles along highway 200 around Plains and Thompson Falls. Best Wishes.

  8. J E F F says:

    Like this photo. add it to the book

  9. John says:

    Hey Matt, did you pack any fishing gear? Looks like some great opportunities!

    • Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

      Do any places rent gear out there? Or maybe just do like a bear and catch um with your hands!? How about a net? Just find someone out there who’s caught some fresh fish and eat with them. Yum!

  10. Karen says:

    I would buy this picture and frame it. It is wonderful.

  11. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    This picture could be made into a puzzle. It would be one amazing piece to put together.

  12. Lori from Calif. says:

    Makes me want to visit Montana! And to think all these pictures were taken with a Droid – maybe Motorola should sponsor a book of the pictures after Matt’s trip has ended!

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