Day 142

I pushed this button

August 16th, 2010

Actually, I pushed the button on the other side. I took this photo after I passed through safely.


  1. Lily says:

    So did the button make the light flash?

    Was it gratifying?

    • Norwood says:

      I’ve pushed that button before and the only thing it does is raise some ladies garage door in Bowling Green.

  2. You could, maybe, qualify as a bike, I mean a 3 wheeler anyway. Remember, bikes go faster, hope you ran like hell! :) Good idea though, Matt, safety first.

    • young says:

      Karin in Greece – Probably safe to assume that Matt picked up his pace exponentially, not excluding running like hell, while in the tunnel. ;-) Sure you won’t consider returning to the Pacific NW given the current economic turmoil where you are? lol

      • We are not actually affected (effected?) here much, at the moment, anyway. I admit to being a bit “ready” to move on….been here 10 years now. Miss my grandkids a lot. And now seeing Matt’s pictures, I miss the NW, too! (The Oregon side! Ha, ha)

        • young says:

          Well, I can’t advocate giving up the Mediterranean and the ouzo and jump the pond, but all things considered you can’t beat Pacific NW livin’. Has anyone ever said that your dad looks just like Captain Ahab? lol

  3. Jeff says:

    Hope it worked. I suppose it did – since you are doing these posts…after taking the picture…and pushing the buttons. Of all the scary things of this walk….for me..(if doing it) this is the one that would have had me looking over my shoulder. I have done tunnels before..but without any traffic – or traffic stopped. Freaky glad you are safe….still strolling in Wahington eh? Matt does not want this to end either.

  4. Gigi says:

    How long was the tunnel? Stay safe Matt.

  5. Saun in Ohio says:

    Did you get your flashlight out? Be safe :)

  6. Michael in Atlanta says:

    Mommy, that hill is LOOKING at me!

  7. Blistery Bob says:

    Matt must have pushed that button AFTER walking through the tunnel. That button is on the WEST side of the tunnel.

    Look at the shadows, look at the river on the right, if he is facing west to take a picture (before entering the tunnel) the river would be on the left. Matt turned around on the west side of the tunnel to take this picture.

    If he pushed THAT button did he turn around and walk EAST through the tunnel?

    Or is he just messing with us and did not push that button but rather pushed the one on the other side of the tunnel.

    Or did he push the buttons on both sides of the tunnel?

    Could be that he is just testing us to see how closely we look at his pictures.

    This picture is from the WEST side of the tunnel.

    Our Matt……making us think all the time as well as sharing his great walk to the other side.

    “put one foot in front of the other…..and soon you’ll be ………”

  8. jay MN says:

    Did the train slow down too??

  9. MN Roxanne says:

    Glad they have that safety feature so you and others can pass through the tunnel without getting hurt. It’s a perfect idea to have a flashing light going to let the cars/trucks know to slow down!! What a cool tunnel… still by the beautiful river….

  10. You can see why they called it Columbia Gorge…the mountains on both sides…just beautiful…

    • young says:

      Huh, and all these years I thought they simply called it a gorge because it is a gorge – my bad! :-) (must be Monday)

  11. Candice in Alabama says:

    Loving the background scene, behind the “push button” sign. Is that some trees peeking over the top on the right? Looking at Matt!

    • Candice in Alabama says:

      By the way Matt – You just had to be a rebel, huh? Pushing the button AFTER you passed through the tunnel! Watch out for the “push button BEFORE…” police!

      • John in MI says:

        I think he took the picture after he passed through, but pushed the button on the other (and correct) side. Man I hate being the “reply police.” I’ll stop.

        • Blistery Bob says:

          tag line was not under the picture when I added my comments about Matt being on the west side of the tunnel.

          • John in MI says:

            You are forgiven…not that I have even one iota of authority to that do that, however. I do like your deductive thinking above!

          • young says:

            No harm no foul Blistery Bob, but you might ought to go see a Doc about those blisters. ;-)

        • Candice in Alabama says:

          Okay – I FINALLY get it. Matt pushed a button PRIOR to passing through the tunnel (the one he didn’t photograph), and this is the sign on Matt’s exiting side of the tunnel (the one he didn’t push).

          All clear now? :)

          Glad Matt made it through the tunnel unscathed!

  12. Bev from Vancouver WA says:

    There are a 3 tunnels along this stretch of SR 14.

  13. Jacob says:

    Are you seeing any windsurfers on the river? You are near the Gorge – the windsurfing capital of the US! They say its so consistently windy through there the branches only grow on one side of the trees…

  14. Old Hippie says:

    Shoulders? Buttons? Lights?
    That’s no “fun”. Where’s the adventure spirit gone since Lewis & Clark?
    Much more interesting if no shoulder, buttons or lights! Imagine a 1000ft run for your life!

    The tale of surviving this race!

    Grizzly Bears? PFFFT
    Weather PFFFT
    Walking 3000 miles PFFFT
    1000ft race with a fast moving bigrig and winning it !!!!!

  15. Thomas says:

    That would be a place I’d likely want to use a strobe as well.

    Reminds me, I keep trying to guess where you will cross. Next available bridge does not allow pedestrians. Then there is only one more bridge before Portland. The Washington side is beautiful though and I am very much enjoying the pictures.

    • young says:

      Google walking suggests to cross at the Bonneville Lock and Dam; at present rate he should be in Oregon by dinner time tomorrow…

  16. deb says:

    Wow! How much time do you suppose it gives you before the light stops flashing and the cars are free to arrel through there again?! That would be a bit alarming! Like some of the other posts said, I hope Matt ran like hell!

  17. Janette says:

    Idaho and Oregon have great Bike trails, one to look up is the Hiawatha Bike Trail, it’s on a rail system, goes through tunnels and over trestles, it’s awesome. PNW is very safety conscious of the bikers, Portland is awesome with their bike lanes in the city. Spokane is coming along very nicely, too.

  18. Janette says:

    I meant to include Washington.

  19. Barrie says:

    see the benefits of solar. making special flashing lights work :)

  20. I’m actually in suspense, when will he cross??? he’s going to miss horsetail,multnomah and bridal veil falls and theres a gorgeous waling path that’ll lead him through portland!

  21. Linda says:

    I am glad you are safe, Matt. It must have been scary being in that tunnel hoping that someone saw the flashing light. But they would have been looking for bikes not someone walking through.

  22. I had a thought…a minor celebration is in order, haven’t had one in about…mmm, maybe 25 years…

    So here goes…maybe this has been mentioned before…how about Matt “driving” back home…same route, same people to visit…same, same…okay…we will recycle bin that one…I tried…back to trying for a new record…26 years…

  23. katzien in austin says:

    Hmmm, was going around out of the question?? Ba ha ha ha!!

  24. 92nd st. jim says:

    it’s all a conspiracy.matt didn’t walk all this far.he didn’t meet any of these people or see all he has is all to lie to us about the tunnel,which way he was traveling and a coverup.(for the challenged this is called a sarcastic reply)

  25. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    How do you make a shudder and ugh online? I really hate tunnels. Even though the scenery is nice and you can see through the tunnel I still don’t like them.

  26. Flavia says:

    glad you’re safe Matt!

  27. tim says:

    that tunnel looks like a dangerous walk

  28. Michael in Atlanta says:

    wait. i have a question. Did Matt actually press a button?

  29. Janine says:

    Oh the power!

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