Day 147

On my way across the Willamette

August 20th, 2010


  1. Hey, what’s that domed structure in the background there?

    • Kherri CLT via PDX says:

      That’s the Portland Rose Garden where the Trail Blazers play, etc. Not to be confused with Washington Park Rose Test Garden.

    • Norwood says:

      I am shocked that I am the only one who can see obvious in this picture. I’m sure it’s way too late now but I hope that lady being pursued by a mugger is alright. You’re not safe anywhere nowdays.

  2. Dave from 4-Oaks says:

    Now THAT looks like an AWESOME walk!!!!

  3. Blue water…beautiful…

    • deanna valenti meyer says:

      The water “looks” pretty…but it really is very, very dirty. I don’t think you can swim in that river….

      • Kherri CLT via PDX says:

        You can, but you REALLY don’t want to. I used to play with my wave runner out there and only “swam” in it if I fell off, lol.

  4. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Where on earth are you that you’re up so high? And looking down upon the walkway and people? This shot is gorgeous and am surprised that the river is dirty. This pic makes it look so blue. Very pretty place there.

    • MN Roxanne says:

      That’s my thought too Dorinda- Matt is so high up…. there must be a high wire walking path above the lower deck…

  5. Barb C. says:

    Does this river ever flood??? deanna if you think that this is dirty you need to see the Ohio River. It’s so neat the pedestrain bridge looks like it’s floating on the water.

  6. Lisa in Goldsboro NC says:

    I guess one cannot always see pollutants in waterways. But it looks like you could just get on a pretty sailboat and kick back with a nice picnic and watch the sunset. Beautiful.

    • Don in Tennessee says:

      Karen Too

      Thank you for the info. It is indeed a dirty river but not unlike may other rivers across our nation including some in TN. This is a pretty shot and and very inviting one also.

      Hope you are doing well Karen Too – have enjoyed chatting with you!

  7. Jeff says:

    well that does look like a nice walk. A stadium called the rose garden. Not very Macho Man sport kind of name.

  8. Candice in Alabama says:

    How wonderful to have such a “river path” to walk/run/meander over and enjoy the water. I wish our city would do something like this. Are the white tipped columns, light fixtures?

  9. katzien in austin says:

    Lucky #7. Anyone else see it?

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