Day 147

Tilling the pavement

August 20th, 2010


  1. I think I understand the mural…get rid of paved over land…and put it back into farming???…well, not sure…but that may mean by some, get rid of people on that land…now that concept can be a bit scary…or it may mean build up not out…don’t take so much of the land???…the mural is as complicated as the problem I guess…

  2. Kherri CLT via PDX says:

    This is so PDX metro!

  3. Donna in MI says:

    I agree with Jim in AR via MN. Get rid of the concrete jungle. Till it under the dirt. More “Green”.

  4. deanna valenti meyer says:

    I love how many murals are found here in the Pac NW. Our downtown Vancouver is FILLED with beautiful murals, many depicting the history of the area. It’s really such a pretty way to brighten up the sides of buildings. And really, these types of things enhance any city. :)

  5. Dorinda from Mentor, Oh. says:

    Portland is green everywhere even in their murals. The farmer is getting rid of the pollution from the cars, the litter on the streets and plowing away the modern city to bring back nature. I totally get it. I understand this completely. He’s getting rid of the concrete jungle along with all that comes with it and putting the green back into it. And it could also mean the combination of the farm land and city dwell together as part of Oregon is farmland. One lead to the other. Multiple meanings in this one but if Portland is such a leader in going green I say he’s plowing back the modern back to green.

    • Vickie from Michigan says:

      The encroaching farm! One man bends his back to the plow and makes a difference, turning the landscape from sterile to fertile.

  6. Ruthie in CA says:

    Now if the guy with the tiler had an iPod in his ear he would be listening to the song with the lyrics “they paved paradise and put in a parking lot”…

  7. Dee in Alaska says:

    An article I read recently was encouraging people to get rid of their lawns and plant edible things. Very good idea! Saves bucks, too.

  8. Candice in Alabama says:

    Plow where thou must.

  9. John in MI says:

    I thought he was shoveling snow!

  10. katzien in austin says:

    Love this mural. So much of our city scape does not need to be paved. Reclaiming green space, letting native plants thrive, planting trees, trading grass for gardens is all part of nurturing our planet back to good health…along with a million other things we need to do. ;-)

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