Day 118

Patchin Place

April 26th, 2012

This little mews has quite the literary heritage, counting among its former residents E.E. Cummings, Theodore Dreiser, and Djuna Barnes. It has lately become popular with psychotherapists, who perhaps find its serenity and privacy conducive to their work. It's also worth noting that Patchin Place is home to one of two remaining gas street lamps in NYC (and the only operational one — although it's now electrified), which sits at the very end of the street, visible in this photo.


  1. fish9028 says:

    There are a couple of gas lamps in City Hall Park, Manhattan around.. a fountain? You should stop by there and check them out! Also, I remember seeing some gas lamps in operation in Prospect Park Heights

  2. fish9028 says:

    Really cool mews though! I didn’t know E.E. Cummings had lived in NYC

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