Day 121

No sitting!

April 29th, 2012

These standpipe/sprinkler connections are not alone (image galleries here and here) in their hatred of the human tuchus.


  1. Gigi says:

    LOL on the title and the pics on the link. :D

  2. Sandra Shirey says:

    Well, isn’t it a STAND pipe??

  3. […] noticing all the little things that make New York such as fascinating city. Such as the variety of anti-sitting devices that deter pedestrians from resting their behinds on apartment building standpipes. In the below […]

  4. Austin E Lucas says:

    Well, some things just aren’t to be messed with. I heard of someone in Pittsburgh setting the water pipes outside the building to permanent “On” and then they poured cement in the holes so the pipes couldn’t be shut off. Next up is that the sidewalk and possibly street too would need to be torn up just to get to the pipes.

  5. Austin E Lucas says:

    “The Building” being “The building some tenants of a rental house were renting.” Sorry for lack of context.

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